What do DPS provide that Tanks don't?


Nobody in the game has better mobility than Dva, and Winston and Hammond are right up there.


Because Damage got Bob and I like Bob. Damage no matter what except for Hamster.


Hard disagree there.
She can hit far away targets, but really not all that well, especially factoring for the fact she’s projectile.


Brigitte has a pickrate about equal to all DPS combined in OWL.


Oh cool… that doesn’t mean that dps are all in a horrible position? Pick rates aren’t everything.


If an entire role is almost never picked at the top level, that’s not a problem?


U talking owl?


Yeah. Because only OWL will reliably put winning over fun 100% of the time.


Well yeah why wouldn’t they? The teams obviously want to win the competition, and they have used dps in owl btw. Did u see that pharamercy Hammond widow ect comp?


Still, given the pickrates, the entire DPS role is niche. Goats is being played appx. 80% of the time.

And my point is that if OWL almost completely avoid playing DPS, the entire role is in a really bad place and needs an upgrade, or tanks need to be adjusted to avoid encroaching on their role.


That strongly depends on what you are using your mobility for.

Dodging abilites? Tracer wins every time. Even McCree or Reaper win.
Getting into the back line undetected? Genji, Sombra, and Pharah win.
Quickly getting out of danger? Sombra, Tracer, and Widow are all better (maybe not vs Winston but definitely the other two).


Their main focus is in their “category” name their main focus is to DPS to get eliminations and to do damage. Majority of them have wrongly nerfed due to one reason or another.

While tanks on the other hand has a main priority of being, you know a tank. While also still having the ability to damage as self defense.

The whole mentality of tanks do to much damage, which I believe this directing back to goats… again. Unless I’m misunderstanding you, is wrong. Tanks damage in Goats is not the issue. :man_facepalming:

Just because you can see a “solution” to the problem doesn’t mean it’s the correct one.


Sure it is. It is the role that is doing the thing another role is supposed to do.


Incorrect. The issue is simple.

Name a DPS who can deal consistent damage around or through Brigitte’s shield (or shields in general really). You can’t because said DPS doesn’t exist.

Now name a tank who can deal consistent damage around or through Brigitte’s shield. You can do that.


Ashe. Throw the dynamite over her head and blow it up. Half kills Brig, sets her on fire, and half breaks the shield too. Follow up is trivial.


No, it’s not. :rofl:
It’s due to majority of the DPS characters that counter those tanks have been nerfed for one reason or another. The healers also have a bit to with it, but I don’t see an immediate solution for that so… I ain’t going to say anything.

Examples: Junkrat has been extremely under utilized. Reapers buff was the right idea. Just wrong execution. Doomfist is bottom tier due to being nerfed so much.


Brig’s shield isn’t what’s causing Goats lol


Spamming Dynamite on cool down isn’t going to kill anything by itself… at which point you need another form of damage that does ignore barriers to follow up on the dynamite.


You don’t fall asleep playing dps.


It partially is.

Armor pack makes killing Brig first very important.
Brig’s shield makes it difficult to do that, and the heroes best equipped to deal with her and her shield are ALL tanks.