What Challenge Skins for Vol. 3 do you think will return?

So far, we’ve had…

Volume 1

  • Nano Cola D.VA
  • Bastet Ana
  • Combat Medic Baptiste

Volume 2

  • Dr. Ziegler Mercy
  • Mardi Gras Ashe
  • Maestro Sigma

What challenge skins do you hope will return for the final Remix Volume? To add on further, what skins do you wish would’ve returned instead of the previous 6?

We should’ve gotten Deadlock Ashe instead of Mardi Gras-


Happy Brainstorming :cherry_blossom:


Marammat Symmetra (i think that’s how it’s spelled?)
Kyogisha Hanzo
Pachimari Roadhog

Probably the best ones that deserve a second go around.


People still want Pink Mercy to be one of the skins, even though it wasn’t one of the challenge skins.

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Honestly, I forgot this one existed until I started practicing Hanzo recently. TBH, it’s actually really good. The Orange Visor looks nice. I’m a bit surprised I don’t see it used more, now that I think about it.

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I only use legendaries and Talon Sigma.

Probably sym, hanzo and hog challenges. in theory Bastion Brick was supposed to be in this Remix, but probably part of the license of the skin is also from LEGO, and without his permission perhaps there is no possibility to propose it again. The same goes for Mercy Pink from the BCRF. and it was not a skin challenge, nor free, let’s stop with this theory: we have already confirmed that Pink Mercy will not be back (see Andy’s blue posts):

on the legendary skins I understood that they choose at random (I do not know that Reaper Raven is famous). they just pick the ones they like recolored. maybe not the same previous heroes, so I would exclude the legendary heroes that came out in the first two remixes.

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Kerrigan widow plz!!!

The McCassidy one since it’s the only one I don’t have.

I am hoping fleur de lis widowmaker and deadlock ashe are next… but it looks like the maramat sym, pachi hog, and comic book tracer are next if theyre following the order.

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Next probably is the Hanzo Kanezaka Patch, Ashe in red jacket and Symmetra comic. Then the next probably would be Pachimari Hog and forgot the afters.

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Holi Symmetra
Pachi Marchi Roadhog
LEGO Bastion


Deadlock Ashe was released too recently, though I do hope it does make a return at some point for those that don’t have her. It’s one of my favourite in game OW skins and I see many asking for it’s return lately, but I believe Blizz is going in order of when the skins were released.

Most likely Tracer’s Comic Book (2020), Symmetra’s Marammat (2020), and this last one is a guess. I think it’ll be Hanzo’s Kyogisha that was released early on in 2021 (Jan-Feb, somewhere around there).

After that came Roadhog’s Pachimari and then I believe was Ashe’s Deadlock. There are other Special skins that came before but were skipped for one reason or another like 2018 Widowmaker’s Kerrigan skin (probably skipped since it was for Starcraft Anniversary, though I’d love to have it one day if it is brought back!).

I don’t think it’s a bad idea to bring back old Special cosmetics solely for Anniversary. That way the other events still get new challenge skins while Anniversary brings back old beloved ones for those who didn’t catch them.


At this rate, they simply cannot re-release all of the Weekly Challenge Skins in advance of OW2, so I believe that Blizzard is going to begin including them in future builds of the OW2 Beta as an incentive for participation.

i HOPE for Fleur de Lis widow and carbon fiber sigma…

Kerrigan Widowmaker skin wasn’t a challenge skin and it was strictly for the 25th Starcraft anniversary so I don’t see that one ever returning. Same with the Reinhardt 30th Blizzard anniversary skin either since both were tied to a specific once-in-a-lifetime anniversary.

I have my heart set on Holi Symmetra. I missed it back when and it’s haunted me ever since. I know it’s super unlikely, and I’m always wrong on these things, but I can hope lol.

There were 13 weekly challenge “mini-event” skins. The first 2 remix events have released the challenge skins in chronological release order, with the only exception being Brick (Bastion), likely due to its initial collaboration with LEGO.

The remaining skins are, in chronological order of release:
Comic Book (Tracer), Marammat (Symmetra), Kyōgisha (Hanzo), Pachimari (Roadhog), Deadlock (Ashe), and Sandstorm (Cassidy).

It’s very likely that Remix Vol 3 will be:
Comic Book (Tracer), Marammat (Symmetra), and Kyōgisha (Hanzo)

Not sure if they will try to get the last 3 skins out in one way or another. Considering it’s only 3 skins, they may try doubling-up the releases per week during this final Remix event. Much less likely, they push a 4th Remix event in the weeks leading up to OW2, or as a replacement for the Halloween event, since OW2 is considered “Early Access”.

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