Were those Omnics REALLY Kishin?

They were squiddies hunting for escapees of The Matrix.

like honestlyyyy

it would be super boring if everything that is going on, everyone that dies, every single bad thing… including children dropping their icecream on floor … was falut of talon, super dooper omnipotent terrorist organisation

it would be cool if there was few of such organisations maybe controlled somehow by some super villian… but i think that it would be much better if there was a number of super villians instead of one

this could help create situation where all heroes are fighting their own war with different enemies… imagine how many lore possobilities it could open

what if sombra is going in to dead alley with her reserach that she will discover who pulls the strings? what if total domination is impossible and ‘evil’ side of OW lore is multipolar

that would be awsome


This kinda surprised me. If an alarm sounded in the Meka base it should have sounded in the city too, and the city should have started an evacuation.
Are you telling me they aren’t prepared to get the people safe in case the defenses (read: D.Va, apparently) fail?
Not you @Prett, general you. Or @Michael Chu, if he is here.

I’m sure they have Shelters in place much like the MEKA unit they had in place.

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I’d like to think that too, and it would make perfect sense, but since there was no mention of it and D.Va was worried about people dying (if she knew people were safely making it into shelters she could have taken this fight a little less desperately while waiting for reinforcements), it made me feel the city is a little more unprepared than it should be for some reason.

One more question Mr. Chu, I believe awhile back you said an Omnic that was basically the size of a Mobile Omnium attacked South Korea annually, is that also a Gwishin (can’t believe I spelled it wrong the first couple of times) or is it something different that all the other smaller variants come off of?

talon omnics? nawh, Emily sent them…

i think it’s the other way round, talon uses omnic tech. like volskaya does.

We never actually see them come out of the ocean and the electrical sounds they make imply that they’re not water proof.

Why wouldn’t they be Water Proof? Bastion was in a forest for who knows how long. Works just fine.


He literally walked through the Baltic from Germany to Sweden and came up covered in starfish.

That said they’re very different Omnics, but given the original Kaijin came out the sea it’s not an unreasonable assumption.


I mean, there is supposed to be a giant one that rise from the ocean yearly

I’m talking about the little ones.

They’re less powerful, since D.Va could win against them alone (at the cost of her mech), while the giant omnic needs all 5 members of the squad, and still, it’s on the edge.

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I THINK those smaller Gwishin are what the main Kaiju uses to attack in between its own yearly advances

Because orbital nuclear bombers in the world of Overwatch are for sissies too.
If a cannon’s getting built, Korean government (or another one, to help them) would rek it in pieces of few cubic millimeters each
Also, they have defense matrixes
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My phone is electronic and waterproof
Look - wait you can’t see
But here comes the WATER !

Can you here the generator loudly?

When it comes to large pieces of machinery, the sound of the generator will be muffled due to it being covered by an air tight casing to prevent water from getting in.

Surprise attacks are not uncommon. They happen all the time and if I was these Omnics taking advantage of a patter my enemy thinks they see is a sure fire way to success. Their media prob informs the Omnics all about potential weaknesses.

D.Va’s pal even confirmed that there would be reinforcements. It’s just they wouldn’t be able to deploy in time to prevent some damage being done to the city.

The Mechs require some crazy skills to pilot on top of them being nuclear powered. I can’t imagine such a new program has found the skill or even the raw Mechs available to have a huge squad.

I mean the Crusaders had only 3 dudes left. Using the same logic should Germany be able to outfit a bunch of new dudes with the same tech?