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What happened to my blue bar telling me about new posts in the latest section?

New update but no announcements?? How come? Not to mention no fix to the mobile site too

Right. It’s not quite working well there. It’s really hard to navigate and even find individual posts.

Please, please, PLEASE make Reaper’s new Retribution skin have the voice lines be spoken in Reyes’ voice!!!

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Dormammu I’ve come to bargain that your moment wasn’t long enough.


hey guys since nobody seem willing to give me an answer im posting here too… While in pickphase talking on bnet comms I am prompted to select accepting leaver queue status… my net did not crash YouTube and twitch stayed alive w.o interruption but blizzard submitted me into toxic leaver queue punishments WHILE IN A 6 GROUP GAME?? As I’m trying to select my character a page comes up that I cannot avoid and the afk tuner begins forcing me to either get booted for afk or accept leaver queue for a game that I have never left?? So I decide to accept and get the game going so as to not abandon my allies but instead of letting me game blizzard kicks me? I eat 50 points automatically Bcus blizzard kicked me and now have suffered nearly 20 free win games due to being majorly a solo queue player who’s now being matched into actually toxic players??? For why?? I 100% feel like I’m being punished for openly bringing up the conversation of toxic players In solo every match on social media…

Hello GGDREAMCPTN and welcome to the forums.

First please understand that you should try to avoid necrobumping old posts, try to pay attention to when the starting posting is made and when the last made reply was given. If it is over 2 weeks old, please avoid making a new reply. However, I do see the logic in you doing it here because you wanted to address that you were new.

I am having a bit of trouble of trying to understand what problems you are having. Based on your description it sounds like you have either severe latency issues or a program outside of Overwatch interfering with the game. First there is no “low-priority queue” in Overwatch. Once you serve any competitive suspensions, you are paired normally like in any other game. Please take time to describe this “page” or dialog that you encountered. If you are having internet latency issues, please take the time to review this support article:

I know you specified that other internet services was working but it is still important to work through those troubleshooting steps. If it is a different problem you are encountering, please start a new post in the technical support forum and clearly describe the problem in detail.

As a friendly reminder, all crashes and disconnections does count as leaving the game and will be penalized appropriately. Please avoid Competitive game modes until you can thoroughly troubleshoot and resolve any problems, and test by playing several matches of quick play or an arcade game mode to see if the problem has been resolved. Again if you need detailed help with technical issues, support is available in the technical support forum.

Thanks, and enjoy your time here on the forums.

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My God this post hurts now… He used to post here a lot and answer to us plats with all patience in the world… :sob:


I’m gonna miss the developer updates and christmas fireplace videos somethin awful :frowning:


There is more proof that he was extremely dedicated to the game, doubt others could sit for many hours doing nothing like that lol.


K this guys a troll ignore him

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This is canon now


This post is painful to look at with what’s happen. You will be missed, Jeff.


Sad to see this now.

No more TIJFTOT.

Good luck to ya, Mr. Kaplan.

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I really miss those times Jeff. The times where Overwatch is still a great game, updates is still rolled out regularly and nobody cares about character names hurting people’s feelings.


How many of these faces are gone now? And how many are in lawsuits?


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hello blizzard i have a request i played overwatch 2 and i had about 3k rank points in ov1 and now in ow2 i have 800 can you do something to get my points back

I miss you Jeff…


Dear Ghost of PapaJeph,

Can you use your magic powers from the AfterWorld to see if the missing OWL reward skins are stuck in Purgatory?