Welcome to the first Overwatch 2 PvP Beta

No you still have a chance to get in if you signed up

Just as a quick reminder, we have got just a little over an hour to go before Beta goes live and opt-in invites start going out! Good luck to everyone today!


May the odds be ever in our favor…except that one guy.
Screw him

Thanks! Hopefully it goes well…

Just leave your phone on a twitch stream muted for 4 hours and you’re all done by the time you get back.

Works only if you don’t have to go to sleep T_T

Have invites been sent out yet?

Nope, invites start in 17 minutes from the time of my post.

As a friendly reminder everyone, the email invites will go out in waves and will take several hours to complete the entire initial list of people selected to play. Please be patient! Remember to check both your spam and promotion folders on your email client. The email will come from a @blizzard.com email address. Even if you do not get the email, your BattleNet app launcher will update with the beta client in the game version list if you are selected. So try restarting the app launcher on occasion and check there.


Surprised I’m not invited, I only put in like 2000 hours to OW1 on PC alone and submitted like 20+ reports that ended up being acted on.

You’re a baponetrick though

Maybe you are actually invited, just not in the immediate wave. They did say it’d take several hours for the first hour.

I’m inhaling the copium for not being invited in the first minute…


Heres hoping I get in xD I played in the first beta, maybe I’ll get in this one (if level cap counts for anything, but I have my doubts lol). A friend who’s been perma banned on alt accounts managed to get in, so here’s hoping this wasn’t completely random because him getting in at all is mildly triggering lol

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My profile is public /s

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Not giving this info out to people ahead of time was such a ridiculously stupid mistake.

First, it means nobody’s ready to play when the beta goes live.

Second, it means people who aren’t immediately chosen are thrust into a limbo state where they just sit there pissed that they weren’t picked.

If you had told everyone a week ago who was in, people would know before the beta goes up whether or not they were going to get to participate. This method just means we sit here wondering for a week? Ridiculously mishandled, like everything Blizzard does.


Will having the free trial downloaded on PC during the free period count as a PC license?

No redesigns in the beta? Oh cmon we first saw some of them in-game years ago at this point…

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Come on I am off work tomorrow GIMME beta access :frowning:

At the moment without access to the beta, what a novelty… I knew that with my jinx this would happen, tomorrow it will be time to watch twitch…

What time are they going live again?

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