Welcome to the first Overwatch 2 PvP Beta

No invite yet. Not feeling very welcome yet.

Its now live and yes, I am seeing invites rolling out from my end. I am downloading the beta client myself.

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Welcome to being a viewer andy for 24hrs, from my friendslist no-one that wasn’t associated with a streamer got beta access, just a modern way to milk out viewership and hype.

Just be upfront with your intentions instead Blizzard. You’ve been delaying this for 2 years already.

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How lucky you are…, the rest of us will have to try to catch one on Twitch tomorrow.

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Still nothing, getting really pissed here blizzard doesn’t care about the non streamer people.

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And the people with beta and the bug to start session?
There are a lot of people stucked in the OW2 login screen.

I am aware of that issue, if anyone is seeing that error there is a forum thread in the Beta forums where I am collecting information. Sorry I cannot link it here because the link will be invalid for anyone who does not have beta access.


Wow. You actually weren’t trolling with the 2020 gameplay preview with it being the same game, and some robot pushing a wall. I thought today was going to be a big surprise with OW2 being some kind of mixed FPS/RPG/Adventure game. Yikes. So OW2 is really just the same game as OW1. That’s funny. Good luck, Blizzard. I feel sorry for all the excited people out there buying into this sham.

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I think you replied to the wrong person lmaooo

Why the best French overwatch streamer LOCKLEAR, does not have access to the beta of overwatch 2. tonight. it is thanks to him that I discovered overwatch

EU got cucked, your marketing department should be fired Blizzard, so much for transparancy over the last defamation you’ve got - well deserved; but thought you’d learned to listen to community, and then you do us in like this, now add lot’s more to that list and i’m sure microtransactions for quicker ulties are your next bet :slight_smile:


They fixed it minutes ago. Thank you!

Yep, they are working on it. Please note, the fix may not be live yet for everyone who is affected. Be patient if you are still affected.

Do i have to enable cookies on twitch if i want to earn a key ?

Yes, you must have your cookies enabled.

Thanks Blizzard, for considering your EU player base. 10AM-6PM PT on a weekday? You haven’t thought that one through.


But it’s literally better for EU since it starts in the evening after people have gotten back from work and school?

It starts like 5 pm GMT and 8pm for me personally.

@Blizzard @WyomingMyst:

Is there a place to put bug reports and similar feedback? I already have an image of a place I got stuck in and maybe more will show after a while playing. Tell us if there’s a place for game feedback/reports :wink: Would love to contribute more!

Nice job there with streaming hours for Australia. :woman_facepalming:
@4am is a great way to schedule it for every single streamer - :clap:
I guess since I still didn’t get an email - no beta for me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Hello sorry I am new to forums- how do you bug report in the beta? I briefly looked around for some kind of button and tried some key combinations but to no avail. I may just be blind though.