Welcome to the first Overwatch 2 PvP Beta

So you’re telling me they’ve basically STOPPED working on PvE and are further delaying the actual thing that is being made to be sold, the main draw of this damned sequel, the thing a good chunk of the community wants since the devs proved themselves incapable of making a well-balanced PvP game.

To focus on PvP and esports money no one asked for.


Just tell us the actual game is canceled already and stop stringing us along, I’m sick of waiting to quit.

I do not want PvE and I do not want esports. PvE is boring to me and esports has been Blizzard’s reasoning for balancing the game for the top 0.1% of players and ignoring almost everyone else’s opinions on the subject.

Remember when they said esports would be balanced separately from the game everyone else plays? Yeah, so much for that bold-faced lie.

Honestly, given their track record in lore and narrative, it’s probably better we don’t see what they made for the PvE.

Additionally, I highly doubt the AI will be substantially improved.

Good for you. It’s not boring for a lot of people, it’s why many were angry that there was no actual Archives event this year.

Many tank and support mains who are quitting to bottleneck DPS, they’re also waiting on the PvE so they actually get a chance to play their heroes without the constant gutting that comes with this balance team.

We’ve been waiting for three years now. We’re sick of waiting. I’m especially sick of waiting because I hate the Orisa and Support changes.

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Hey now, we’re on the same team, no need to be all “good for you”. I am saying that I want Blizzard to pick something and focus on it, and I also want Blizzard to keep their promises. You and I are advocating for the same philosophy despite our interests being different.

WHAT THEY dropping this time around?

Late reply so sorry about that but if you feel any worry or anxiety about playing due to the bad social aspects that OW can have or pressure from expectations then there are def things that you can do to make your play experience better.

  • You can go to the options menu and set yourself to not be automatically placed in Voice Comms when you enter a match.

  • You can also type “/hidechat” to disable the chat function if things are getting heated or pre-emptively before starting any matches.

All can be reversed whenever you want.

Hope this helps and I hope you enjoy your beta experience!

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Alright everyone, I am AFK for a bit to sustain myself. Feel free to keep posting questions, and I will get back to them as soon as I can! Cheers! (^^)v

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If you have the ability to give access to whoever sits on twitch for 4 hours then that means you’re able to give invites to EVERYONE that signed up for it. I sure hope you do that because that’s some dumb bs if you deny signup invites to try and drive people to watch twitch streams. I think this is a dumb dumb thing.

I see the system requirements mention Windows 7 to Windows 10, but not Windows 11. Is this an oversight?

I did ask about this when I first saw the beta system requirements, they said Windows 10 does include Windows 11 in terms of operating system requirements.

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make sense, its not like windows 11 is massively different from windows 10 from what I can tell

Well it’s caused me a few headaches in the tech support forum if it matters. I still don’t recommend upgrading to it if you can help it.


a little bit too late
I haven’t ran into any problems so far though


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What did we do to deserve you, Myst? You’re so helpful.


There’s a windows 11!?

Thanks for this. Would have been nice to have a longer time frame to make it easier for other timezones. 1am start on a week day is pretty rough :confused:

For what it’s worth I’ve been running Windows 11 insider beta builds since Summer 2021 and haven’t had any issues with games.

I also tend to make sure all my drivers are up to date and can usually troubleshoot my own issues from time to time as well, so that helps.

right as my exams start too :sob:

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