Welcome to the first Overwatch 2 PvP Beta

Wait isnt PT pacific time? Like california? Don’t forget to convert the times over to your local one!

any other way to get beta access then the streams? I am deployed over seas and and the streams are 1am to 9am my time during a busy duty week where I cant possible watch it

From my understanding no. You either are selected in the pre-sign up or you watch the streams. This is considered a closed beta so there are restrictions, I’m sorry :C

can you just give us the campaign and not ruin the rest of the game by comepletely changing it and making it awful in everyway.

like not drop it to 5 v 5 cause that more players that wouldn’t in que’s faster and will slow down the game as a whole.

don’t completely change every single hero so that they all feel less like what they always have been and now just flat out worse then the way they wore. case and point Bastion why do that to him, I mean you didn’t even let him have any of his abilities and instead just made a new character with a completely different kit and focus.

finally if you guys wanted to do that just make a new game cause this isn’t overwatch and most everyone is against all these changes cause they will just ruin the game.

the game worked and was loved on its own why are you now going to change it for no reason?


@kryps actually no its not going to be the same game, they are changing all the characters, giving then completely different abilities, and cutting the player count from 6v6 to 5v5 which will mean Ques will take longer.


There are already dedicated Beta feedback and bug report forums available. You need to log out and log back into the forums to access them if you are flagged for Beta.

Unfortunately no. If you don’t get in by opt-in invite (which is likely finished by now), or can’t claim a drop from Twitch. You will need to wait for future beta playtests to have a chance to get in.

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Update: Wednesday 3:00 AM PDT

Thanks to everyone for your patience today. Congratulations to everyone who received an opt-in invite. Remember the Overwatch 2 Beta Twitch Drops Promotion begins 2022-04-27T17:00:00Z and will end 2022-04-28T01:00:00Z (times displayed in your local time zone). The Overwatch 2 Beta Bash event will begin 2022-04-27T18:00:00Z on Twitch.tv/PlayOverwatch. Remember watching 4 hours accumulative during the eligible time frame will earn a drop granting access to this PVP Beta Playtest.

Cheers everyone and I will be around tomorrow during the time frame to help with troubleshooting issues with Twitch Drops.

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I’m really enjoying watching the same privileged group of people who have already gotten to play OW2 continue getting to play OW2. Very fun.


It is unacceptable that even people without a license for the PC version (consoles only) have obtained access, and worse still, that you did so days after the registration.

For me, blizzard is blacklisted with this, daily player and I receive nothing.


aaaaaaaaaay more of this game that’s killing overwatch woot.

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overwatch 2 beta access where? still waiting while others have access on all their 4 smurf accounts


Can i leave the twitch tab running in the background or does it need to be active at all times to get the beta access?

So watch time only counts during that time frame or do i need to watch 4 hours anytime and then i get the drop during that time frame?

What’s the point of beta invites? Just give it to everyone who opted in, not make them run a stream in the background while playing games so a streamer gets free revenue. Seems like a bad marketing campaign.


Why is everyone using twitch? Why isn’t OWL using twitch? Why are they even doing something like this? If any person can background watch a streamer and get beta, why not just give everyone who opted in beta?? Oh yeah my bad microsoft is in charge now.

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if i were to run the twitch stream in the background while i do my work on the computer, will it still be counted into the 4 hours?

Quick question. I opted in way back when. I didn’t get an email invite yesterday. Are invites still going out or is it now stream-only? Is there a point in watching my inbox any more?

I am so glad you chose to give Asmongold beta access over any other of your loyal fanbase. Guess how much time he has on overwatch. A few hours. Goodjob.

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If i recive a key between midnight and 3am will i be able to claim it in the morning around 10:30 to 11:30AM ?

You really should avoid it as the web browser may stop the video playback and that stops the watch timer. (Twitch itself doesn’t stop it though.)

Only 4 hours during the 8 hour window can the drop be earned.

This is a closed beta. They are not ready to bring in the entire player population freely.

Twitch is still the preferred platform for most content creators. OWL is still under contract with Google to bring that program to YouTube. This promotion does help bring exposure to the game. While up front this promotion seems like everyone can get in, most of the community likely won’t.

Opt-in only puts you in a pool for players to be chosen for the Beta pool. If you did not get an invite, you must participate in the Twitch promotion if you really want in.

I do not know what timezone you are in. You must get four hours within the eight hours window and you must claim that drop within 24 hours on twitch.tv/drops/inventory to activate the beta on your BattleNet account.

Thanks. I am glad that it wasn’t limited to just 5 hours but seeing the ability to claim within 24 hours which was my main concern has now made me happy. :slightly_smiling_face: