Welcome to Season 15 of Competitive Play

I think this is very unfair, why does a bronze player have to play more games to unlock CP than a GM?

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Just as bad as the last season. Time to just play like it’s quickplay… Until 2-2-2 and entirely personal SR comes in :slight_smile:


right click on competitive tile, it says there how many days to go

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The original concept was to show players that were higher skilled to earn and show off the weapons more quickly. However, that concept was made in consideration that they originally planned for rank resets at the time back in season 1.

Please OW dev team!

Make it so that in comp, I as a support main dont get matched with 3-4 other support mains.
You know as well as I do, that a team doesn’t need more than 2 support mains!

If anyone ever wants to play GOATS, a dps main could go any of the three main GOATS supports, cause they off-supps anyway.

Please OW dev team senpai! Notice this message!

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Ended up with around the same SR as last season even thought I won 8 out of 10 matches… They should consider your previous SR but They should also give you a better chance at placing above your previous level. I main a different character now and I’ve been doing considerably better.

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More like rank 1-5 boosted SWFs

Unless you’re a killer main. It doesn’t help

And it’s as tilting as playing killer in rank 1-5

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Welp season 15 is turning out to be my worst season yet. Won 6 out 10 of my place ments and have not won a single match after them. I lost the last three matches in my placements and have lost the following 7 matches following the exit of placements. Lol not even sure why I boot this game up anymore ( I guess I enjoy the abuse) just to lose with team mates that ethier don’t wanna play main tank or main heals (sometimes I get nethier) which makes me usually have to fill in. Hey blizzard any chance you’ll be shutting down the servers anytime soon? Or will you guys be in the next round of mass lay offs? My mental health depends on it lol.

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On the upside Apex legends is a blast, but I’m still drawn to this game sadly the developers never fix any of the massively glarring issues.


Update I actually won a a game wooo! Though it was followed by another three losses and two more losses before the win so yeah, this far this season is literally the worst one this far. Great work blizz

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How can ANY of you devs sit there with a straight face and say to us "Welcome to Season “x”?? There hasn’t been ANY changes to the ranking system since S2, the public has been crying out for both a fix and change to Matchmaking for 13 god damn seasons now. 2 Years worth! I’m only 4 placements in and they’re all a s**t fight. I’ll end up just uninstalling after placements like the previous seasons and so will many others.

The game is DYING and you refuse to treat the problem.


Idk the game feels fine to me.

In reference to discussion of other games to further the interests of our community:…

Yeah I main as “the killer” in dead by daylight. I’ve taken The Doctor up to RANK 5 and faced very toxic people. At that level, it is players pallet looping, juking, and 4-man insta-blind flashlight teams.

i really do NOT like season resets, but I started to realize why they do them. Especially with how overwatch has become. I truly believe every player is great, and with those whom try in a game, they can be put among good players and rank up easily, and be placed with bad players and never go anywhere but down. I dont expect a team to have a person that carries. But with the way this system is going now. I dont think Competitive play has a good reputation at all.


Same reason killers will derank, I admit I’ve done it too. They don’t like tryhard games. I’ve gotten up to rank 1 and I hated the SWFs. now I’m rank 10 and having fun.

Has it ever? Not many players see it as an actual competitive mode.

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I just ptr’d “The plague” character today. I even had the privelage to play with their development team on it. kinda an aqward situation when I found out it was them on their official steam accounts. postgame lol :smiley:

TBH I actually had MORE fun on that game today, than remotely on here. Yeah that community is beyond salty there in post-game screen, but here. It isn’t feasible to keep things smooth. We have to deal with player chat, post-game in DBD. But in Overwatch we deal with it the whole match.

Overwatch and especially Overwatch Competitive mode have earned the negative reputation because it chooses not to build matches based upon player reputation within the competitivemode alone. It is basing it on some very outdated mission statements that no longer apply to this game’s current state. As many streamers are addressing. I mean I don’t want this game to go away. But I certainly do not feel like a valued customer content user in the game.

Yeah I love this game and felt it had a lot of potential here. I was a long-term blizzard customer from the World of Warcraft days. But if they want people buying loot boxes, merch and stuff to keep the game profitable, they gotta make players LOVE the game. If people despise the game, than they don’t feel the necessity to sponsor the game. :frowning:

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I have more fun in DBD because no one cares about your voice, gender, or age. Only thing they usually care about is that you can play the game. I’ve had more positive games in DBD than Overwatch. Matches in DBD are more fun (aside from tunneling legions and facecampers) than Overwatch. The game is way more fun for me because actually good content.

The ranking system in DBD is more tilting in higher ranks but Overwatch ranking system is more tilting overall. Sometimes you don’t belong in your rank at all and other times you get so many bad players on your team that even if you do belong in your rank you think you don’t.

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Welcome to Season 15.
The season where I lost all my sanity, started focusing way more on school instead of Overwatch, and started playing TF2 again. Actually said the truth in one match, “Even though I am winning, I will never have fun playing Overwatch.”

Where’s the down-vote button for this?

How is it at all Blizzard’s fault? Maybe you are just worse than before or got lucky climbing?

How is it Blizzard’s fault you’re losing. You are not good enough for your rank. It is other human players beating you not Blizzard sent OWL pros