"We read the forums". No, that is not what happens

So the Sombra thread is not worth responding to?

so people can yell more? if the people dont get the answer they want, nothing will change


Ignoring massive issues is not good feedback.
“So people can yell more” If they did a decent job responding, there would be no yelling.


You need to differentiate “noticing” from “replying”.
Also, the devs have stated their development philosophy already. It’s not all about what the most vocal people here want.


There are very vocal people reporting bugs and issues, yet they get ignored.
If the development philosophy includes “Let’s ignore people complaining about bugs” it is a bad philosophy.

Oh my God, not replying is not the same as ignoring.
How hard is that to understand?
Just, this, basically:


No, they don’t ignore them.
Case in point, Sombra’s hack LoS checks.
We don’t know how they list all the bugs reported, but they do list them, and try to tackle them one by one, but without introducing new bugs. It’s not as easy as you might think.

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Not replying and not ACTING = ignoring.
Doomfist got ignored, Sombra as well.

You don’t know what they do in-house, so this argument holds no water.


I think they read most of the forums, they just decide to give out blueposts like yearly xmas presents instead of weekly treats like it should be

They are watching us in the shadows


They do look at the forums its just that the vocal mercy players want a revert which isn’t happening

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Probably because this forum only has these few topic:

  • Nerf Hanzo
  • Why can Hanzo ______?
  • LGBT threads in general
  • Nerf Brigitte
  • Nerf Doomfist
  • Nerf Widowmaker
  • Revert _________
  • Buff _________
  • 30$ for an Emote

Hey mini sprites never seen those before nice :ok_hand:

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It’s amazing how far transparency can go.

Actually, they should ignore those Doomfist nerf threads. Or tell those players to learn how to counter Doomfist

It’s actually scary how accurate this is.

Incase you hadn’t noticed, Hanzo is OP. So there’s a reason a lot of threads him cropping up, much as there was lots of threads about Junkrat cropping up a few seasons back, and look what happened to him.

They nerfed the wrong part of him that made him op and sent him spiraling into trash tier?

Yes, we know your opinion on Hanzo.

Whenever I browse the forum while at work or class, these are usually the threads I see. Mostly the lgbt ones.