We "lore readers" don't give up about kiriko age

we had a correction at the age of Sojourn, it’s time to also correct the “waifu - showcase” with her inconsistencies.

it would be really appreciable if they solved this narrative problem in an official way, and not leave it to fandom speculation “magic keeps her young”. let’s stop treating this character as just a “trendy skin model” like the next kpop event. More coherence for Kiriko lore. :facepunch::fire:


i get the feeling they will decrease the age of genji and hanzo but then that will cause problems as well in overwatch lore? since genji was in blackwatch and hanzo should be close to his age. if they make genji younger than that will conflict with his lore i think?

i think they really messed up on this one since they cant make kiriko older since her whole persona is very young person… or almost teen

If the devs can’t do anything right on hero balance and gameplay mechanics then they sure won’t do anything right on the lores.

making kiriko be trained alongside genji and hanzo needs to be retconned, makes no sense. she looks far too young to have trained with hanzo, that dude has grey hairs

for me, the Lore is a wreck and a lost cause.
Im currently scroloing trough the lore because i want to write a Fanfic (OW x Cyberpunk 2077) and i find hole after hole.
Kiriko and Sojourn are currently the most prominent examples but the Cover Hero it self, Tracer, has the simmilar Problems.

The Story with nullsector is on one hand pretty bland/generic and also cluttert with errors.

the new default skins, which should not exist, since they are only a marketing tool. yet are part of the lore. etc.

i’ve talked about it in previous posts.

since the lore is in that irreparably state, (only a Lore Reset to a certain degree could save it) i use the Lore only as a inspiration and take bits and pieces to create the baseline and a timeline to avoid such temporal problems.

the funny or rather frightening thing is, i have never written anything outside of small DnD Backstorys or Shortstorys in school. Yet i start with a timeline before i starting to outline the story and i have the feeling, the Overwatch Lore/Story team never had a definite timeline to begin with and they are paid to create the story.
All those errors are rookie mistakes. Those should not happen if you are paid for it. And yes if you are new to a Team and the game/franchise has a giant established Lore (e.g. Marvel, Star Wars) , those errors are unavoidable if you dont have the time to consume the complete Lore. But Overwatch is new, the lore was just created, and those errors where there since the beginning.

They are pretty set on having the female cast be a lot younger than the male cast. It paints all kinds of weird light onto the cast.

Like all this talk about the new age of heroes (the new young ones stepping up) and not single male added since launch is under the age of 30? Weird way to paint males, like are no younger males heroic enough to be heroes in the OW universe?

And then there’s the flipside where the females got to be young and pretty for the most part to sell like hotcakes even though some older females did just fine in popularity. Ashe and Moira are fairly popular and didn’t need to be waifu bait 9000+ Kiriko destroying the lore levels of pandering.