Kiriko's age confirmed as 21, which makes no sense

So the long-standing confusion around Kiriko’s age has been answered - they’ve added ages to all the bios, and she’s 21. Everyone has aged 2 years since OW2, so Genji is 37 and Hanzo is 40. So Genji is 16 years older than Kiriko, which obviously makes no sense for her backstory. It means in her backstory videos the Shimadas would have been in their 20s, not kids. It means they couldn’t possibly have been ‘childhood friends’ as Genji would have been an adult by the time he met her.

I don’t know if something changed during her development and they had to change her age at the last minute, or if they just really don’t care at all and figured no one else would notice or care either. Either way, it’s super disappointing cause it means not only does her story not make sense, but we can’t trust anything we’re given. Overwatch 2 was meant to be all about expanding the story, but the first thing we get in Overwatch 2 is the biggest contradiction to date.


Does that surprise you? Overwatch is plagued with plotholes, illogic and nonexistent temporal continuity. They seemingly are not interest to create a plausible World, a functioning lore.

The Shimada relationship they seem to have been going for doesn’t work, but 21 makes a lot more sense for her own character so eh. Really, it’s always been obvious that whoever wrote that part of her story paid no attention to character ages.

I guess we just have to figure on the picture of them all being together as retconned (wouldn’t exactly be the first time) and that the relationship was more so Genji and Hanzo babysitting her.


Yup, back then i found it weird their age gap and the artwork of the origin story. But I think they just don’t give all the info to the artists, or didn’t think enough about details like that.

It sadly, has been done in the past, and, sadly, still beeing done today.

I just wish they hired someone to proof read between the lore they already gave us to the lore they plan to give us after. It would avoid so many inconsistencies…


This isn’t a story focused game, so they literally don’t care about the age accuracy of characters, which is very heartbreaking to us OW veterans from 2016-2017 lore junkies. Star field it is then.

Honestly for me I just either up Kiriko’s age by 10 years.
Working on a project animation about Kiriko past and honestly it bashes my head into a wall on age gaps

I think they are aware. Maybe the character they created for her is 21 but for the present time she is much older? Or maybe, she is a spirit that’s why she has fox and her age freezes at 21. Remember she can teleport that is pretty much what a ghost can do? Sym uses a device. Kiriko just uses her power

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That could be one interesting theory. Could be not something a Kitsune powers could actually done. But who knows. Might look into that

I guess it has to do with her lying about her age, For example my aunt has been 37 years old for the last 20 years of my life

Lmao at this point Kiriko is like some self-insert character from a bad fanfiction in which the author just really really wanted themselves to have ties with “cool fan favorites” Genji & Hanzo but also wanted to keep the character “young and hip”. Of course “sassy/witty” too. Wait till you see her on her bike.



She’s got a few tricks