"We don't talk with Jesse" during Retribution, this year

I usually like to check out Overwatch’s internal files to see if there are any new dialogs. With the disappearance of “Jesse McCree”, I waited a long time for the patch where the Archives missions would make a choice: would they call him McCree or Cassidy? For months the internal files of the game had eliminated all the voicelines with “Jesse McCree” and today I had the final answer. See for yourself, one of Moira’s dialogue folders (is in italian, my language):

Neither. The game left unchanged the absence of Jesse McCree or Cole Cassidy in the archives. this is a huge loss for how we’re going to experience Archives this year (or rather, April 10 in the anniversary rotation). And it is likely that Retribution will show only the name “cassidy” in the selection, but a long silence or alternate dialogue.


It’s official: the voiceline with “cole cassidy” name instead Jesse McCree aren’t in the game in this patch.

I post here all the interactions involved, to realize how much there will be to recover in Overwatch (only about interactions, not action communications like “McCree is down”):


Reyes: Jesse, get that door open.
McCree: Maybe you could try shooting it. Seems to be your method of choice.
Reyes: There’s that famous McCree attitude…
McCree: I’ll try to adjust it for you boss. Wouldn’t want to…cause any problems.

Reyes: This mess was all worth it to see McCree trying to pass himself off as a waiter.
McCree: I thought I did just fine.
Reyes: You got fired from your cover job, Jesse.
McCree: The lady was being rude. She had it coming.

Genji: Why are you so concerned about one death, McCree? It’s not the first time we’ve had to kill.
McCree: This was an execution.
Genji: Dead is dead.

Genji: Take better care, McCree. I’d hate for you to need a body like mine.
McCree: No offense, Genji, but I think I’m going to keep everything just the way it is.

Blackwatch Pilot: That you, McCree? I think you still owe me money. Maybe I ought to leave you here.
McCree: Hey now…
Blackwatch Pilot: See you at the art gallery, cowboy.

Waitron: Name on your reservation?
McCree: Yeah, party of four. The name’s McCree.

Moira: McCree, we need to talk about your Italian accent.
McCree: Well, I watched a bunch of old spaghetti westerns. I thought it was pretty good! “Bone-a sera, signora (Buona sera, signora)…can I-a getchu-a somethin’ to drink?”
Moira: Please never do that again.

McCree: This is your fault commander! We had a plan! We could’ve walked Antonio right out of the city! I didn’t sign up for this!
Reyes: (Rarely) snappy Maintain operational silence, McCree!

Reyes: What’s keeping our ride? We can’t wait forever.
McCree: Something tells me the army of bad guys convergin’ on our position isn’t helpin’.

Moira: McCree’s instincts are as ever…unimpeachable.
Reyes: Trust me, Jesse, you should know by now; I won’t lead you wrong.
McCree: Like you ever give me a choice…



Tracer: Cuban cigars? Fancy!
Mercy: I wouldn’t describe lung cancer as fancy.
Genji: Tell that to McCree.
Sojourn: You can shop for souvenirs after. And don’t forget to bring me back something.

Please, let’s avoid commenting further on the choice of developers about that name. I’d like to keep the topic on “Archives deserves at least some care” rather than deleting other contents of it. Especially after being so mistreated. :neutral_face:


We are losing the single best interaction in the history of OW. Honestly, its quite amazing how many times he is named during the event which will indeed make Retribution awkward be it with silence or a higher repeat chance for other lines.


Maybe the files will be uploaded later on time? They plan some sort of rotation, right? They’re changing all contents through their media and some of them took more time than others. I don’t think they would reduce much of the depth of the dialogues, most likely they plan to release when the content gets launched or slightly afterwards, like they usually do.

While they also removed some quotes previously and never gone back also. Only time will tell.


Considering they have some time until it is playable, this might be the case!

Fingers crossed. The dialogue is such a treat in Retribution, it’d be a shame if the relevant lines got completely scrapped.

and in the end the confirmation: the dialogues I mentioned are not present in retribution. :pensive:

officially the poorest archives event of ever.


I mean they would need to rerecord the lines adding Cole to just about everything which is probably a low priority right now but likely will be done when they get the VAs in for the OW2 work.

Yet another reason they shouldn’t have changed the name. Funny.

Besides that, is not Retribution supposed to take place in the PAST, back when he “went by that name”?

Those lines never should have been removed anyways.


im so over this dumb commentary


Fail storywriting. They should have just been blunt and say they were retconning his name. Instead they did this whole song and dance that he was being honest with the new overwatch crew about his true name as a lorepiece.

I’m tired of Blizzard peeing on my leg and tell me it’s raining. Just say it’s a retcon outright and we can move on from this for good.

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