[Wave Broadband] Connection Issues & Timeout on Login

Has anyone else been having issues with Connections or Login issues? I’ve been stuck on the “Entering game” screen for the past 24 hours. Some times the game will actually load to the menu screen but get timed out or lost connection.
I’m in Seattle, Washington and I remember something like this happening not too long ago.


Same thing is happening to me as well


saaaaaame cant play anymore, its like the company is being sued or something

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Same, also in Seattle. Was able to login through a free VPN though.

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What’s going on in the NW Blizzard?? Why are we only ones affected? Answer would be nice!

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In Oregon, same issue. This started 48 hours ago. No error code, simply says “Lost Server Connection” then returns to normal login screen.

Same here, happens around 4-5 times a day.

My friend in OCE last night (around 7 hours ago from the posting time) got completely disconnected and according to downdetector OCE had major server problems.

Same for behavior for me. I first noticed the issue last night (08/14/21 @ 6:00 PM PT).

In the Seattle area same issue. At entering game… I get “Lost Connection To Game Server”

The majority of posters on this (specifically reporting to be in Washington or Oregon, look like you may be using or at least using similar networks to Wave Broadband.

We have been seeing multiple reports of issues from Wave Broadband user and that in those cases, using a VPN seems to get around the core issue. So try using a VPN to work around the issue.

Please note we do not support VPN usage though we do not prohibit its use with most of our games. Some countries around the world, do restrict VPN usage so you will want to research these restrictions for your country before attempting to use a VPN.

Many VPNs offer a demo or trial version of their service to allow you test without commitment.

I also recommend contacting Wave Broadband (or your local ISP if not wave broadband but still in the same geographical area) to generate a report to them. Include that a VPN does seem to help get around the issue as that information should help them with their own investigation.


If you are not using Wave Broadband or other smaller ISP in this area of the country (Washington/Oregon) then your issue is not likely related. You can still attempt the VPN work around I mentioned but you may need your own thread for more directed troubleshooting assistance.

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I’ve been having this same issue for the last day as well. I am using Wave as my ISP. Is there a known reason for this behavior? I’d like to have them address this if the problem is on their end. If it’s on yours, please fix this.

I am just piling on here to say that I am right out of Seattle and am having the same issue. My daughter, who plays everyday, started noticing the issue yesterday.

From what I can tell, this is only impacting Overwatch, not the other bazillion online games we play here.

Adding some clarity: Wave customer, XBox

I’m not in WA but my ISP is. Other Blizzard games work just fine. It’s something melting down on the OW server. I’ll bet this is some crossplay bug they didn’t anticipate.

I tried out a free VPN, Hotspot. With it on I can connect. However if I try to connect to any game mode I will loose connection to a server once it finds a match. :frowning:

Same here. I was just about to report this as well. I am on and this started happening since perhaps this weekend (Aug/13/2021)

For me, I could log in the server using a commercial VPN. So I guess this is likely a connectivity issue on ISP (I am indeed using Wave) for Blizzard that the auth server is not routable from some endpoints. I am in Seattle area in Washington. If you have VPN, give it a try before they fix the issue.

happening to me for over 24hrs in Seattle

Wave Broadband ISP user here. I cannot login to play and am hearing same reports from other Wave users.

I am not up far northwest. I’m in Sacramento. Using Wave Broadband…and have been for quite some time without issues. Cannot get past “Entering Game.” Repeatedly disconnected.

Why would this be Wave’s fault?


We don’t need our own thread. This issue is affecting Wave Broadband connectivity which Blizzard Tech Support should help mediate by reaching out to Wave just as with past Wave ISP issues we have had between Wave and Blizzard that were resolved between Tech Support on both sides.