Want Smurfs Out Of Your Games Community?

false reporting is an act, jeff cannot decide if it exists or not bud

Dude, do you even hear yourself?

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jeff has state previously that false reporting is bannable however it is not.
they want you to use the report system (because you all ban yourselves into alt purchases = more money for blizz/act)

thats not what you said bud. you baltantly stated that false reporting does not exist. it does. no body said anything about it being a banable offence

nope it doesn’t
you can do it all day
and nothing is ever done about it

You are right to a point.

But to be in that lower rank they would of had to throw games, or troll about in the leveling process.

This makes both acts of cheating and should substantially increase their bans.

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again, false reporting is the act of falsely reporting someone, that exists, it is an act there for it exists. being punished for it is different

welcome to

Report - O - Watch!

Neither are acts of cheating. Throwing is gameplay sabotage. Being good isn’t against the rules. If a low level account pops off in your game, how could you possibly know that he’s thrown to get where he is?

You can’t assume that low level players that pop off threw matches to get where they are. And you can’t report them for trying to win either.

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it gets murky here because there are a lot of groups that 6 stack and throw, so they arent ruining the games of people trying to play ranked. i dont agree with it but there is an argument to be made that that is not against the rules

It is all about context my friend.

If I throw because I got tilted and don’t want to play - game play sabotage

If i throw to derank and have “easier” games. The throwing is game play sabotage for the purpose of cheating. So both reports are valid.

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You deliberately derank an account. for an reason. You should be removed from the game at the first offence.

Blizzard need to stop with this namby pamby approach to things.

Go hard, give people a reason to stop.

Same for any of this racist, sexist, bullying BS that goes on too. Investigate, if guilty kill the account there and then.


legit we have mute buttons
ab chat shouldn’t exist as a report

just hate speech racism and the game needs to record the voip audio to actually have proof
then perma account ban
totally for it.

That is Blizzards answer to all the hate speach. Just mute and report…

Sadly they don’t act.

In England IP’s can shut down their internet access for hate speech and forward their details on to the police.

Sadly this is another area Blizzard is severly lacking in the moral backbone to deal with efficiently.

When 1 single players says “just mute and ignore” Blizzard have failed. We should all be under the pressure to behave, and respect each other or we can’t play the game.

A simple rule.


Regardless of context, the person reporting has no way to identify whether or not they’re playing against someone who threw games or not (unless they’re currently throwing). And again, smurfing isn’t cheating, so throwing is throwing is throwing. It’s gameplay sabotage because…it’s sabotaging the game. Doesn’t matter what the purpose of it is. Maybe their account deranked because they’ve been playing drunk for the past 3 weeks. Maybe it deranked because they broke their arm and were trying to play one handed for the past 5 weeks. Maybe it never even deranked and you’ve wrongly accused someone of smurfing when they aren’t. Unless they’re doing something reportable, you can’t just report them on an assumption.

Bullying is another issue entirely, and honestly, mute and move on. Not because I’m defending their actions, but because it’s the best course of action to remove yourself from that environment where you’re being bullied. Bullies exist. Unlucky. That’s not the purpose of this thread, though.

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It’s threads like these that make me wonder if human beings can be considered “good”. Selfish human beings? Oh, there’s enough evidence on these forums to make it a universal law.

There are 3 kinds of Smurfs…those who have alternate accounts who while having mechanical skill lack in team coordination ( remember shroud…placed plat…God tier aim…very little teamwork awareness) …those who seal club… Those who are getting account boosted.

The last 2 are easy enough to catch…look at critical hit accuracy…the first one…is an unfortunate soul learning what we all have to learn… communication

The basic problem below diamond…no problem flaming teammates…but tunnel vision during game with few if any callouts, ult tracking, and listening for team mates callouts…if someone says don’t let mercy Rez…9/10 people ignore the callout…

You seem to be mixing up smurf an alt…

Historically, smurf accounts are a negative thing. But this community seems to have completely blurred the lines and now no one understands that having a lower ranked account, in a competitive system is only to cheat. Be it to help mates climb, or have easier games, you are cheating the system and will get reports accordingly.

Alt accounts are fine, but a smurf is something else. Historically speaking.

And no, as a rule of thumb, humans are not good.

This community shows that completely lol.

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It is when they’re playing in a rank that they don’t belong in.

Yes, skill is a competitive advantage, but when you bring that skill into games a tier or more below your normal rank then it’s no longer a simple case of just skill since you’re playing against players who’ve never experienced the game at the same levels as you have so at that point your skill advantage becomes an unfair one, and that’s cheating according to Blizzard.

They’re only rank #1 because their SR is slightly higher than rank #2. They’re still in the same SR range so there’s no unfair advantage there. Do try and avoid the strawman counter arguments, please.

Blizzard aren’t saying it’s not cheating, though. They’re saying it is.

If it’s not cheating then they need to change the wording of their in game definition of same.

The problem you have here dude is that if someone is smurfing, they will say whatever they can to convince themselves and everyone around them that it isn’t an issue, and that the people complaining are the problem… (to the point where they end up subconsciously eroding their own sense of whats going on)

Just look at Trump… He screams that everyone is lying about him when he is the one lying and cheating… He no longer knows what the truth is.

Sadly, if they weren’t cheating, people wouldn’t complain.