Verizon, FIOS issues in NJ area

I’d like to know this too. It’s not the usual suspect like a routing problem or dropped packets.

What do I even tell Verizon?

Morristown area on Fios. So, been getting this nonsense for a couple days. I used my VPN to connect to NYC and zero issues. Not a long-term solution. Something is definitely up with auth servers.

Can confirm, am also experiencing this issue for the past 2-3 days.

Also have verizon FIOS and live in the central NJ area.

Game disconnects my account IMMEDIATELY upon a game ending / showing the game highlight, and then when trying to log back in, will not reconnect (with error “cannot connect to game server”). Usually waiting for like an hour will allow me to log in, but the other day it then disconnected again during a match queue and i got SR penalized for “leaving” a match. Would like this looked into as it is deterring me from playing Comp matches for fear of losing SR.

Same issues, been fine for months and just happened to me 10 mins ago. Also FiOS Northern NJ

Same issue, Verizon FIOS NJ area

Same. I’ve actually been having the problem for a few days now. Central NJ, Verizon FiOS.

Kinda annoying that this issue just started happening randomly right after I started my new job and want nothing more than to come home and play OW with my friends.

Having the same issue here, verizon fios in NJ

We also can’t dismiss that it’s Blizzard’s regional authentication servers which have blacklisted some IP ranges.

We need more information, or Blizzard needs to sort this out.

Same issue here, mostly central NJ with Verizon fios as the provider. The only solution that I managed to have a fix for it is to restart my router and it works after a few tries or when I use a VPN. Hopefully they’ll sort this out.

Same issues here.

Kearny, NJ. Verizon FIOS.

Trace Route:

Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms Fios_Quantum_Gateway.fios-router.home []
2 2 ms 3 ms 2 ms

Trace complete.

I would post the Looking Glass info but it has links in it which is restricted to post.
Hope this helps…

Same issues, Maplewood NJ. I managed to get in the game but then as soon as I get in my first competitive game I get kicked within 2 minutes. I want my 50 sr back blizzard, and dont just give us this “get a vpn” nonsense. Unless you want to pay for a legitimate vpn for me to use, I won’t be installing a freeware vpn that collects and sells my data.

Hey Neighbor! Harrison here. I downloaded ProtonVPN, VPNd to NYC and have had 0 issues at all. Similar ping as NJ. Good luck.

Hi, volunteer here; don’t shoot the messenger. SR is never refunded, for any reason (more info on that policy here). :weary:

VPNs are a suggestion for a quick fix, a way to let you get back to playing. Since only players on that specific ISP are being affected, it seems the issue is with the ISP. Blizzard can’t control Verizon’s network or how speedy they are to fix things. Since you are Verizon’s customer, have you talked to them about the issue?

It’s a Blizzard/FIOS issue that THEY need to figure out. I can’t call Verizon and tell them that I can’t log into Overwatch because everything else is working fine. This is an Overwatch-specific problem.

Hey all,

Our network team is requesting more information about the Verizon issues in this thread. If you would like to help with our investigation please reply with the info below. Thank you.

1. If you play other Blizzard games do you experience connection issues in those games at the same time as the problem here? If so, which games?
2. Approximate time frames (for example 7pm-9pm EST) the problem appears to start and stop. Is it the same time each day?
3. Operating system (Win 7, Win 10, Mac Catalina, etc.)
4. Make and model of router

  1. Besides OW, I only play Hearthstone and have not had any problems with that (not on the PC anyway).
  2. I usually play sometime between 9pm-Midnight. The disconnects of the past 2-three days have all occurred during that time frame.
  3. Win 10
  4. Verizon FIOS Quantum Gateway router
  1. Only OW, I haven’t played WoW in 2 weeks, but never saw this problem then
  2. Saw this problem from 7PM EST - 12 AM EST on Monday 11/18. First saw Thursday 11/14 11PM EST. Seems to be evening time.
  3. Win 10
  4. Verizon FIOS Quantum Gateway router
  1. Overwatch only
  2. I generally play 02:00 UTC to 07:00 UTC. Multiple days issue present
  3. Windows 8.1
  4. Router is Fios-G1100 (hardware v1.03 / firmware v02.02.00.16)

extra info.
[geoloc] 07936
[machine] hardwired CAT5e 10’
[windows] static IP by router setting using MAC
[windows] auto detect proxy (doesn’t make a diff)
[windows] windows firewall (doesn’t make a diff)
[windows] dns flush (doesn’t make a diff)
[router] release/renew Router ip (doesn’t make a diff)
[software] Third party VPN to connect to OW via NYC works with zero issues

Anyone having issues today? 11/20

Nothing as of yet but I have a VPN running after 8 because it happened to me at 8 the other night.