Update for Unlockable Voice Lines

Hello heroes. In our most recent update, we made a change to how you can use unlockable voice lines during a match.

Unlockable voice lines can be used freely during the pre-game setup phase of the match. Setup is intended to be a playful phase of the game, so we wanted to give you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite unlockable voice lines without restrictions.

During the match, you always hear your own voice lines, but if you spam a significant amount of voice lines, you might sometimes be the only player hearing them. When this happens, a message will appear in the text chat field when the restriction is taking place and includes the time remaining in seconds before other players will hear your unlockable voice lines again.

Other comms like “Need Healing,” “Group Up,” and all Ping Voice Lines aren’t considered unlockable voice lines and will be controlled by the pre-existing spam protection rules.