Update for Competitive Play - Season 16

Will this also affect competitive arcade modes as they come around? I know that grouping would be a thing in those modes too, but some of the competitive arcade modes are only 3v3, such as Lucioball. Just wondering if this update has implications on those modes too.


Not about queue times but more about 6 man groups throwing so the other group win, dropping to lower ranks like this and also queuing late at night where there is a limited amount of 6 stacks so you get matched with much lower ranked people

I would like to know this question too because people stack in Arcade Competitive and it usually free SR for them.

Nice nice, don’t get how that was a problem but okay. Now how do you plan to fix the player base that want to throw games and just ruin everyone’s day and the player base who don’t want to work as a team and rather throw the game if asked to switch or one-trick. The main solution to that was mass stacking and I can see why gm would want to do that especially when they are so close to top 500 or want to stay there, but now you have removed that safety net. Also what about the people who want to play overwatch comp with friends and not just a friend, do you just tell them better luck next time? Maybe little fix like these are not the right answer to way overwatch is get less fun, the actual answer is make stricter punishments to people who say “this is my alt account, I don’t care if I throw” or people who don’t want to work with the team and rather just play dps because they don’t want to play tank or support thus limiting the pool of what a team can play is more of a problem. If you actually listen to the community videos that explain why the game isn’t fun maybe that be better.


Hopefully, they’re also looking to add a six-stack mode, like a casual OWL division or something. If you legitimately have a team of six people that like to play together, there should be a mode to play against other teams.


Didn’t they say recently in an interview with a streamer that they were not interested in making a team queue but more likely a role queue ?

Same thing for smaller regions on PC. In AU/NZ we don’t have our own leaderboards but having more than 1 or 2 masters in a game is very rare, even at peak times. IMO this should be based on the number of players online at a given rank.

I feel like this should be implemented in lower ranks as well because (imo) there is quite the skill variance in the lower ranks. When a gold, plat, and diamond are all able to que in a group, this can leave the matchmaker to create some questionable games. I’d think it would be neat to add solo (maybe include duo as well) and then add a group competitive que for the people who enjoy playing comp as a 3+ stack.
Regardless, I just don’t think players should be able to que with each other if they are 500-1000 SR away. They should have to earn it themselves via solo que and then be able to play with there friends once they were within say 250 SR. On paper, it seems like it would work as intended, but what happens when that 3 stack has 2 players that are purposely 500 SR below there typical rank just so they can que with there friend and help them to a higher rank.
Awesome idea for the higher ranks - just wish I was up there lol

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Large groups are going to go on Smurfs in comp not in quick play. This is going to make the game worse. Especially on console.

Oh yeah, I never thought about that. Well I guess I’m never gonna be playing comp again now.

You’re naive if you think this will work how you intent it to work. It will only encourage GM players to smurf more.


what a great change thanks for listening to what the people wanted blizzard. keep up with the great work

Makes a team based game but makes changes that makes it impossible for people to play together in groups other than duos. Feels like you guys are trying to compete with Epic to see who can make the worst changes for the competitive scene. Not to mention that you are killing your own stream presence outside of OWL.


It was being horrifically abused to get easy top 500 by having 6 stacks queue at 2 AM and being placed against diamond and below teams.

no no no. owl is gonna work. like the entire playerbase who are on the brink of just dropping the game and make up the majority of viewership are going to watch a game that they dont want to play anymore. ohhhh wait no they wont. good waste of money on new beer sponsorship. shouldve been used on making the game better.

i personally think epic is winning the race atm, although blizzard are a close second

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and have players realise that there is less than 20 players per rank actively playing this game ? Blizzard would never allow this.

i think that might actually be true. as a player with 2000 sr i filter into the 99% that play this game, yet i have the same players every time i go into ranked. like what??

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Does this mean “Blizzard Balance” consider balanced to throw a GM 6 stack against a low diam 6 stack more than a GM 6 stack against 6 GM solo players ?

I’d really like to have Scott opinion about this :slight_smile:

feels like useless update to close exploits.

when u will do something that actually Helps the game ?


wait wait wait. like they said they are bringing a new feature that NO ONE in the community has asked for that it going to be groundbreaking. aka they arent listening to what the community want and are once again doing whatever the hell they want leading to the endless cycle of a flunking game

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