Update for Competitive Play - Season 16

This doesn’t effect me in the slightest but I’m glad to see this change, I’m sure all the GM players will be grateful. I can’t imagine waiting longer than 3 minutes for a queue.

Don’t tell me to swap off Widow,


My avg when I hit near my peak is like ~7+ :[

I’m very grateful


It’s situations like these where I wish I could post pics to describe my disgust. Anyway, look up “spongebob disgusted fish” and that’s pretty much what I’m going for here.

Don’t tell me to swap off Widow,


this is awesome. no more gms abusing 3+ stacks to maintain top 500. now we just need solo queue only option cause people in gm still duo to get boosted to t500. this is a huge change though


I might actually play and love this game again. Hypppeeee

Not enough players in the top rank for that.

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Should apply to master too, considering we’re often used as fillers for GM matches. But it’s a start.


this is gonna kill the twitch game

How will i convince people now though to use symmetras tp? I wont be able to play with people that accept symm :frowning:


i don’t know if this is a good idea xp


So in a team based game you decide to forbid to have 5 consistant players on your team to make ranked games more “fun”. Instead of creating separated queues (soloq 2q 3q 6q). Instead of implementing role q and mapbans. Cool, you solved the 6 stack night q and 4.7 players problems witch affects literally like 100 ppl who plays at that time but it doesnt make games more “FUN” not even close.


You’re masters, why does it affect you?

This is only for GM players? Also creating more queues creates even longer queue times than we had before. It’d sometimes take me 10 minutes to find a game solo-queue I can’t imagine finding one in solo queue exclusive

the few amount of 4k+ players does not mean we shouldnt have dynamic queue

Should be applied to Masters as well.

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Yes, it would be better. Group queue would die on its own terms, as it should be allowed to do.


Oh my god. Thank you so much! This changes a lot of things! Any GM player will tell you that anything after 2-stacking, it becomes shady. It’s terrible for the matchmaker and automatically decreases the quality of the match.

This is a change in the right direction, I’m very glad you guys made a change to the competitive mode, and it’s a good change too! Much love, Blizzard.


This is a blessing…

It probably encourages smurfing in master. It’s actually a good intention badly managed