Unstable connection performance and unfair penalty

Today, the connection performance is SO BAD, then I always am disconnected in the middle of the games. BUT, you identify me as a toxic player to leave games without a reason, so you -75% experience 11 games in a raw as the penalty to me.

Is it fair to treat a player by your unstable connection performance?

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Pretty sure its your unstable connection. Nobody else I play with disconnects that frequently

I do wish there was a bit of a leeway before it decides to kick you off to ensure you are just having some lag and didn’t shut the down the game.
But yeah, the Europe servers at least seems quite stable and there really is no way for game to tell your motives for leaving.

There is no way to detect these things on the server side, that couldn’t be abused in some way or form. So if the connection is unstable, it’s on you to fix it.

Unfortunately leaver penalties whether they be the experience penalty for all modes or suspensions from Competitive Play must apply for all users even if they have disconnection. It takes a very large number of games to leave to trigger the -75% XP penalty, so really in this case, the penalty is applied because you are not taking the time to troubleshoot the issue.

Here are some resources to help troubleshoot your connection and information explaining Blizzard’s policy about disconnections and penalties.

Actually now that you mention that it takes multiple games i started thinking and yeah i don’t think i’ve ever experienced the leave penalty.

How do you think that it is my environment, networking or device issues so sure?

If you played some games in Asia server, then you will found that there are at least one or two players were left, and you would be experience the same situation in many matches today, but not before.

That is why I will GUESS that it is the issue from the game server, but not mine.

Because when something works fine for millions of people but then an individual person DC’s 11 times, you can make some pretty simple inferences. Clearly Blizzard isn’t the one at fault. It’s either on your end or somewhere between you and Blizzard. Blizzard doesn’t control the entire network between your house and their servers.

Agreed, so you cannot just say that there is an issue from my side, no matter that it is on my networking router, my computer, or my misconfiguration.

The truth is that after 3 hours later, the connection is stable now. Of course, I didn’t change anything or modify the configuration, but it is normal, anyway.

It might be an issue from the ISP provider, or something between Blizzard and me. I just wanted to share my experience and how the rule to impact a player of Blizzard. It can be identified a single event, even an abnormal incident. But, I believed there were more than me has the same experience this afternoon since there are fewer players will open a discussion here, and share the experience.

Adding to your list it might even you having some downloads in the background which you weren’t aware of, like windows update or steam updating some games.

Without further data it is impossible to say what was the real reason, but i’m glad to hear it fixed itself.

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Sorry perhaps I was just unclear in my initial post. I wasn’t blaming your specific devices. when I said “your unstable connection” I meant somewhere between you and Blizzard, not in your house. Your connection includes your devices but also everything on the way there.

I said this in contrast to you saying:

Because it’s not their problem.

Blizzard does not have a way to distinguish that some random node from an ISP between you and their server is bad vs you constantly disconnecting from matches intentionally to avoid losses.