Unable to join Competitive play after expired time-out

The game client crashed (Rendering Device Lost pop up under the client window) and I was unable to rejoin in time. I believe that there was a 1:30:00 “Cool-down” for this which was not the usual 10 minutes. I waited it out but, after the cool down expired, competitive play remained unavailable. I checked for any outages, but there was none, and some of my friends are online.

Edit: I found something interesting at: Lost Sr and banned, not sure why? - #6 by Kaedi-11739, which appears to be the case (See WyomingMist’s reply) How do I know for sure why I was suspended or banned? I switched PC’s (My older one is slower / more stable but for extended play gives a normal playing experience)

If the competitive option remains locked without a timer and displays the message “Unable to play Competitive Play while suspended or banned” then that is a season ban. Any other message means there is a factor other that being suspended or message currently in effect that locks out Competitive, such as being in a search queue for a different game mode or playing on an account below level 25.

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Thanks for the reply. So I’m unable to play Competitive for the rest of the season because the game crashed? Am I missing something? I understood even the hour and a half timeout, for penalty’s sake. That was within human reasoning.


Edit: Competitive Mode is playable again. Nevermind; Maybe server latency dishing out “Game permissions”. Whew!

It takes at least 6 leaver violations to trigger a season ban. So yeah if it was just a one-time issue you should be good as long as you corrected any crashes before resuming play.