Tyler1 still muted after not playing for 8 months

if he was muted only because he was notorious for being toxic in LoL, and not because he did anything in overwatch, then the mute should be removed.

but we won’t know unless we get more info tbh.

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I legitimately wonder why we should even care about this.

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If you’re a fan of him its probably better to let something simmer down than reignite it before the person gets back off mute.

“a few months” he was banned from league for like 600 days, that’s almost 2 years. it’s honestly not entirely impossible for him to have bettered himself during that time.


Tyler1 took a long break from streaming just to play LoL off-stream. When he played it off-stream, he wasn’t toxic and throwing games. He was trying every game. It got to the point where people knew his account, and people saw it on another Twitch streamers stream, and they saw that he kept trying to win no matter what. Tyler could have 2-3 people AFK on his team and he didn’t give up and still tried to win. Tyler also has gotten the highest tier reward for being a positive teammate off-stream too, which is pretty hard to get, I’m sure it’s called “Honor 5”.
Him reforming wasn’t an act for the stream. He did all that stuff off-stream and did it for over a year and a half.


If he did nothing bad on Overwatch and only got the mute for being toxic in other games then this is some serious bs. Even if he is still toxic punishing someone before they even do something is not right.


We should care about this because he has a large Twitch fanbase.
We should care about this because maybe some of his fans will like the game and buy Overwatch.
If you care about this games popularity and getting more players in it, then you’d want big streamers to be playing it.
Plus at the moment this is the top post for the Livestreamfail reddit, with nearly 2300 upvotes.

Naw we don’t care that he has a large fanbase. We don’t care about the livestreamfail subreddit whose existence is based around drama and laughter.

He either deserved the ban because of actions he took in Overwatch, or he ran afoul of Blizzard’s new policy on toxicity

““We now proactively seek out social media sites like YouTube, for example,” Kaplan says, “and look for incidents of very toxic behavior and track down the accounts that are participating in those and action them, oftentimes before anybody’s even reported them or they’ve shown up in any other place. That’s just one example of us being proactive that I think is going to make a big difference over time.””

So if they muted him for 10 years it was a very deliberate and purposeful mute. If he wants it rescinded he is going to have to appeal, his fanboys hold no sway.


This just in: 8 months is less than 10 years.

Stay tuned for more important info!

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I don’t think you understand what I’m saying.
I’m saying that the 10 year mute is unjustified, and we should let someone like him with a big fanbase, play the game while not being muted.

So if I have a huge fanbase I have all the rights to scream in voice chat, griefing, throwing, do life threats without having consqeuences just because “I can bring more people to buy the game”?
What an interesting way of thinking.


But was he toxic on this game?

If not he shouldn’t be, He is “reformed” after all they should give him a “chance”.

How did he get the fan base to begin with? By acting out like a spoiled child. Unfortunately it draws in a crowd. If he wants to play Overwatch, more power to him. I still wouldn’t want to hear him, “reformed” or not.

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Thats pretty crazy really.

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No, that shouldn’t be allowed. What should be allowed is if he chooses to scream in his own stream (not in voice chat). He doesn’t throw games or grief anymore in LoL (which is why he is unbanned). Everything you said there does not apply to the current Tyler1, and he’s proven that with Riot. If Riot thought he was still a toxic griefer, they wouldn’t have unbanned him.
If he was still a thrower in LoL, I wouldn’t want him in the community. I despise throwers in my games.

There is no “we”. There is only Blizz and in the very best scenario that he himself did not purposefully do bad things in Overwatch he still ran afoul of their toxicity policy where they action people for visible toxic behavior. They didn’t just pick his name out of a hat randomly for the mute.

If he feels like he’s changed let him make his argument to Blizzard. Trying to paint this as a community issue or trying to bring up 2k upvotes on Livestreamfails(when the majority of the thread is making fun of Greek for not being able to calculate how many years 3,000+ days is) is not thte way to go about it.

Only his fanboys care, the rest of us not so much.


What makes you think he won’t have the same behaviour in Overwatch as he did elsewhere? You’re not suddenly a good person just by playing a different game. lol

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I care because this is some crazy policing on blizzard’s part if he’s getting in trouble for outside Overwatch

Okay, sure. I like this response.

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The house decides the rules. If I have a restaurant and I see a guy walk in who I know has a show all about acting crazy and causing a scene in restaurants I’m not serving that guy. He will be kicked out immediately. Now if he wants to respectfully make his case and tells me he’ll behave he has a chance to dine in my establishment.

I don’t have anything against Tyler and if he appeals to the Overwatch team personally I feel he deserves a shot. However there’s really no community based outrage over this. It’s not like the one trick conversation where prominent one tricks were being banned for one tricking a character. It’s a guy who is known to be an idiot being preemptively muted.

Also considering some of the past witch hunting you’ve had for OWL players, I doubt you do care, this is just an “agenda” win for you.