Tyler1 still muted after not playing for 8 months

Tyler1, a very popular streamer on Twitch was going to play Overwatch with Greek during one of his weekend variety streams. Tyler1 logs on and has a 9+ year mute, for doing nothing but being known as toxic in another game. That ‘other game’, he was unbanned because he reformed.

I predicted that this would happen, so on the old forums I made a post about it, of how he should be unmuted on the off-chance that he wants to do a variety stream with Greekgodx on the weekend.
Why not unmute him? He has a large Twitch fanbase and Riot unbanned him already. There’s no excuse to keep him muted.

Also 9 YEARS!?!?!?!

Yeah, it was 10 years initially, but time ticked it down to 9.47 years.
Blizzard, you want popular Twitch streamers playing your game.
You’ve got a good game here, I think we all can agree on that, and bringing in more players into our game isn’t a bad idea, especially for your own wallet.

Tyler1 tends to have extremely toxic behavior.

You can just google “Tyler1 rage” and hundreds of videos will come up.

This one is my favorite


How do you know that he didn’t do anything tho? He’s one of the most toxic people I’ve seen.


Because Blizzard muted him solely based on his actions in another game. Like I said, he reformed in that other game is unbanned.
& even if he did say something toxic, every time he played Overwatch he played it on stream. If he said something insanely terrible, he would’ve gotten banned on Twitch and people would’ve known what he said. so let’s say he did say something bad, does that warrant a 10 year mute? depends on what he said, it’d have to be pretty bad for a 10 year mute, but then again, it can’t be that bad since he was never banned on Twitch.
Yes, he is toxic on stream when he plays LoL, but do you see him openly flaming his teammates in team chat? No, he doesn’t. Him yelling and whatever is what he does for the stream, he doesn’t express that in in-game chat.
I’d go as far as saying xQc is more toxic than Tyler1, yet xQc is not muted.

OW toxicity rules =/= Twitch Toxicity Rules.

You can be banned for saying things on OW and being just a terrible person.

But for some reason, when Tyler1 does it on stream and even directs it at his team mates, it’s 100% okay.

But sure, he would get banned from everything if he said something insanely terrible. Sure.

I guess this is Blizzard’s big “fight against toxicity” thing?

Give one guy a 10 year silence to make an example of him and call it a day?

Wtf blizzard lmao

If he is reformed, the silence should be removed. If he isn’t, it shouldn’t. Simple as that. Especially if the silence was given as a precaution and not as a consequence


that is future of online gaming. Sad sad future.

Keep him muted, he should be banned anyway, end of.


Okay, that’s fair enough. I’ve seen/heard a lot of ‘n-words’ used in Overwatch, yet not bans were given.
I’d love for Kaplan to explain what Tyler1 said. I am 99% positive he was just muted just because of his actions in LoL, and didn’t say anything SO bad to warrant a 10 year mute.

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He was banned for a reason. Keep him banned for the same reason. Don’t care how “reformed” you are


bet if he was an owl player in this situation people would be screaming for his salvation

You mean like XQC? Yeah he still was punished, doesn’t matter what people think

I miss Greekgodx and Tyler1 duos in OW. They were making me laugh and to be quite honest, their teammates were also quite toxic as well. I am pretty sure they are parading without a punishment like many others in this game just because they are not famous on twitch.

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It’s pointless to speculate that he was muted simply for his actions in another game and not because he did anything in Overwatch.

If he wants to be unmuted he is going to have to make a petition to Blizz. They’re most likely not going to comment on a fan’s attempt to get him unmuted when you’re not privvy to why he was actually muted.

Are you kidding? If any OWL player has any behavior that ends up getting them muted for 10 years people would be screaming for them to completely removed from the game.

You shouldn’t get banned or punished in a game for your actions in another game simple as that

At what point is a 10 year mute a viable punishment? If someone has been muted that many times that a sentence that long is required, maybe you should consider making it permanent or banning them outright.
If its not for what they have done, is that harsh a penalty even fair?
And besides, it doesn’t look like OW will hve the longevity to last a decade as it stands right now.

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Lmao “reformed” I’m sure. People like that don’t change, they just put on a show. Good riddance I say. You really think he changed in a couple months of being told to? People don’t change like that. Actual personality changes take years to commit to.