Ty for the Quick Soldier patch

The screen shake was making many people ill, and it’s great to see Blizzard quickly reacting to a health issue


Yeah I noticed it did feel way better than a few days ago

Too bad he’s still broken.

dont worry, they like him quite a bit so theyll leave him like that for 1 month at the very least.
abuse him while you can, because apparently thats what the devs want you to do.

Can’t abuse when I suck at long range

I’m more of a tracking guy

I don’t want to, that’s the thing. An overtuned hero that counters more than 70% of the roster and can burst down tanks with bodyshots isn’t much fun to play.

Soldier was fine before this massive buff tbh. 19 damage is a ridiculous ‘nerf’ considering that’s still 570 damage per mag.

well you can tell whoever balances isnt good at dps thus the dumb nerfs and silly buffs
im still mad over the beam nerfs, the only one giving issues was zarya, yet everyone else got the boot thanks to her and the devs trying to keep it “universal”

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Can we actually be happy about any positive change in this game? Honestly? Like…the devs fixed this screen shake very quickly because some players got headaches. That’s a great thing! That wasn’t about balance it was just about making the play experience better for others. Ugh

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They forgot to remove the recoil and add the spread back.

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did they do a hotfix didint see any updates.

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Calculate how much healers can heal in the same time frame and take into account Soldier’s Accuracy too. Not even Dafran has 100% accuracy, and it’s harder to aim now.

Yeah sure. We all have Dafran’s aim. Jeez…