Ty devs for Busan!


I’m really excited for how the map looks but really not looking forward to hearing Rein sing every time the opportunity arises. Glad it’s just on one of the three maps and only on one side. I’m surprised more people don’t find the strained voice grating.


I really do like Busan, and normally I really dislike KotH, so they did a really nice job with this!


I love this map so much it’s kings row level of good.


I’m excited to check it out later!


think my favorite part is just that it relative to other king of the hill maps…this one is very distinct going from one round to the other…hope they do more of that in the future

(Jeff Kaplan) #18

We’re glad you’re enjoying it. The team poured a lot of love into the map. They wanted you all to like it!


OMG…im not worthy!!!



The map is so awesome, and I don’t normally like the control maps. Well done. It’s very visually appealing too


Holy a new map that is well made and looks like a lot of effort was put into designing the map.
A am thankfull you guys released it for free.

But sadly the forum is only fixed on the stuff they can’t have, instead of being thankfull for all the stuff you guys do for free.

Anyway keep up the good work.


One of the best parts of Busan is how different the 3 areas are to each other. I would for htat level of diversity to continue with new maps. I think this is the best new map you’ve made.


Isn’t this calling out the devs? Why is this not being taken down?


No, it isn’t.


oasis is better…


The Happy Cow is SO GOOD.


Really great, fun, and beautiful maps. Thank you :ok_hand:


oh no. what have you done Papa Jeff. Here we go again with the Devs only reply to thank you posts.

Side note.Beautiful maps, but please increase the skybox a bit. Pharah needs some love :cry: i want to fly over those buildings


Of course it isn’t when it’s praise. Haha.


Best map, hands down. Control are the best maps IMO, the sound design is incredible, each map is designed to perfection, they are unique from each other: SSS+ Blizzard!!


i agree,they are completely different from each other but keep the korea vibe that every map has to have with its country