Twitch Kiriko skin drop not received

claimed it 5 days ago and i only have to voiceline too

Claimed both 7 days ago and only received the voice line as well, lets hope with enough noise maybe something will be done about it eventually!

Same here, claimed both 6-7 days ago, received the voice line but no skin - the issues with overwatch 2 are rediculous

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If you look at the skin in the hero gallery, on the bottom right, under where it says “legendary | skin” it says that the skin will be available in the hero gallery in season 2, so i guess we gotta wait until then to be able to use it. I may be wrong tho, so take it with a grain of salt

its been now 9 days for me and no skin

I contacted support and got this generic response. Pretty annoying after having to grind the skin and still cannot use it. Got the voice line, but not the skin. Unlocked the drop 9 days ago.


Thank you so much for contacting us with the details of your issue. Your information been passed on to the Overwatch team. While Customer Support is unable to directly assist with these matters, please know the Overwatch Team has continued working on solving reported problems.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a timeframe for issues being resolved but progress is being made daily. The best place to get updates and news on these issues is here:

You may also be interested in this news post which details the ongoing work and covers compensation for issues seen since launch:

Thank you again for contacting us, and thank you for your patience and understanding.

I was having the same problem with the drops. I connected my twitch and blizzard accounts. I earned the drops for the voice line and skin. I received the voice line, but not the skin. I waited for ~5 days and no skin drop. Then out of curiosity I checked my account and it had become de-linked from my twitch account again. Upon reconnecting them I had the skin in like 10 minutes. If you have not I would go double check your accounts are still connected.

If this is true it would be nice if they’d make an announcement to clarify since there’s no shortage of posts and threads asking why the skin hasn’t been received.

Not calling you out as lying or anything, this comment’s pointed at the dev team: if the skin’s being rewarded season 2 then make it clear because the wording on the blog post gives no indication that it’s a delayed reward.

Yeah I was actually shocked that there was no announcement as Blizzard made the post that you had to link the accounts at the start of the event.

It is available now if you earn the drop. You may need to connect you blizzard and twitch accounts again. I connected them got the voice line, but not the skin five days later I went back into the Blizzard account on a hunch. I found out my accounts had de-synced again. Once I reconnected the two accounts, I got my skin in like 10 minutes or less.

Hmm, mine are still connected though and nothing for 8 days…

I claimed my skin for Kiriko 9 days ago and still have not received my skin in game. my twitch account never disconnected itself.

i don’t normally post on these forums but i claimed the skin 3-4 days ago and it’s still not there, i connected it and never disconnected it but i still can’t see it in the game
please help?

Reddline here, New twitch drop started, I still haven’t received my Kiriko Sakujan skin after claiming it 10ish~ days ago.
Hopefully once I claim another Kiriko drop maybe it will trigger the Sakujan skin to be sent, unfortunately at the moment I still do not have it though.


10 days and still no skin.

On a related note, I successfully received the Kiriko Razor Sharp Spray today, so my accounts are linked fine and the rewards are working.

UPDATE: After NO changes in my connections I have now successfully claimed and received both the spray and the weapon charm from the second drops, but I still have not received the Kiriko skin from the first ones.


Update - I logged in today (Oct 18) after 8:30 PM EST and I can confirm the skin is unlocked for me!

Good luck to everyone else!

Update!!! 10/18/22 at 10pm EST, I have the skin unlocked! It took a long time but finally I got it! Sucks that it took as long as it did but at least I’ve got it. Hopefully everyone also gets it.

Yep, looks like it’s been fixed. Hooray

Got my skin!! Hope you all got yours too. Hopefully speaking up here brought some awareness to the issue and helped them get it fixed.
Thank you all for responding.