TRUST Developers more pls


I’ve been playing blizzard games for 20 years, they’ve been squandering that trust for a while now. Starcraft 2 was watered down and mediocre, Diablo 3 was a huge letdown, Overwatch was a pleasant surprise that has devolved into mediocrity as of late, Diablo Immortal… Ha… WoW expansions progressively worse and worse (Burning Crusade and WotLK were the best imo). The dev silence is even worse than ever, can a multi billion dollar company really not afford to hire Just 1 or 2 people to be active on the forums daily?


We are approaching the two year mark from Ana’s jumping from 80 damage to 60 and dumping her into non-viable for over a year at most skill levels.

Yet, they are still repeating that type of process of making extreme changes regardless of the side effects with things like the Reaper changes.

The balance/mechanics design team have fundamentally been dragging the game down for around two years without any real sign of improvement.

They’ve burnt their trust long ago.


Clearly though, yelling and demanding from them hasn’t made them do more. And you guys are right that they aren’t doing enough and telling us enough, but they are only human.


After they nerfed my brig for the 300th time? Nah son, they get frowny faces all day long.


No new game mode
No replay system
No match records
No scoreboard
No role select
No new roles
No new Huds
No customization
No talents
No new skills for old characters
No new mechanics
No campaign mode
No story mode
No new weapons or golden ones
No real permanent pve mode
3 years later still the same

Never trust devs from OW.


I used to trust the devs.


I have no reason what so ever to trust anyone affiliated with Overwatch.


Damn… Frowny frowns all day and every day?

Side note, Brig has 1 of those faces where I actually would hate to see her frown. Like for real though. She has 1 of those faces where like, if you ever saw her crying? You’d get immediately angry at whatever it was that made her cry. Idk. :man_shrugging:t5:

Edit: I may dislike the fact that Brig exists as a character, but Brig’s design (as in her appearances and all that) are as adorable as Mei.


For at least a year and a half the devs have not been particularly successful in bringing new content. Look at all the events, Every single one has been identical with a few skins sprinkled in. All we ask for is balance, easy comp fixes like role select and actual lore. NOT changes that only improve the game for OWL players and lore that panders to people who like to see them diversity boxes ticked.


They’ve not really delivered on much for going on 6 months now… what am I supposed to be trusting them with? Holding my pint?


I wouldn’t trust them with that if I were you. In fact, the less you have to rely on them for in your life the better.


Basically you are saying we stop hurting their feelings. A multi billion dollar company. We should just accept what we get and be grateful.

That’s not how the world works. We are the customer, they are the business. Customers have a right to complain, and this concept of just accepting bad decisions needs to stop.

Businesses have seemed to forget lately that they need us, we don’t need them. Things won’t get better by ‘leaving them alone’. When poor decisions are made and something you invested time and money in as a customer takes a turn for the worst, critism needs to happen as a community.


I want too, I really do😐


I’m gonna have to humbly refuse.

My reasoning is a lot more simple though.

  • Lack of communication/overall transparency. And no, coming on to a streamer’s interview @ the company doesn’t count; it’s not advertised well, nor does it happen with enough frequency. And really, where are the dev posts/updates these days? (Not just the forums; but YouTube and Reddit as well).
  • Lack of acknowledgement to issues on the Console platforms. I even HAVE a gaming PC now. But do you know why I haven’t really touched OW much despite this? It’s because I still have a very bitter taste at Blizzard’s lack of acknowledgement to issues that are on the Console platforms. And bitter tastes with me on things like this last quite a long time.
  • Some of the recent balance decisions have been… questionable, to put it simply.
  • Vagueness is overpowered, pls nerf. No seriously, they need to stop being so vague on certain topics.

And this, too.


I would be a little more trusting if they gave reason to be. But considering.

Doomfist got over nerfed.
The whole armor change.
Buffing the wrong part of Reaper’s kit.
Reworks and changes to combat a Meta while also weakening those that countered it.
Limiting Brigittes play style to only be effective in Goats.
Sombra being down in the dumps with Doomfist.
Not even sure what to think about D.Va.
Junkrat’s projectile size nerf.
Buffing nano boost to burst heal 300 is absurd.

All while.
We still have bugs plaguing this game.
Lacking a lot of features.
Competitive is still a mess.
Events growing stale.
Treatment on the Console side (Thanks for reminding me Eternity)

I could go on.


her wave melts my heart every time


Still trying to get over how buff she is in the Reinhardt cinematic…:hot_face:


In the words of Dutch Van Der Linde


I trusted them when they said they were finally buffing McCree.
And then they buffed fth.


No, we trusted them enough

  • We trusted them with reworking sym (and they didnt listen to our feedback)
  • We trusted them with reworking torb (and they didnt listen to our feedback)
  • We trusted them with reworking mercy, and they ignored our feedback
  • We dont have a voice, only if you are a youtuber, or a PRO they hear your voice, if not, Too bad
  • The fact that the reaper Change reached live
  • Overnerfed doomfist
  • We keep giving ideas on how to balance goats, but they just keep nerfing brig