Tried QPC for the first time since 2-2-2

CQP is the same same thing as what OW was before 2-2-2.
Do you mean that you forced yourself playing a trash game for years?

Truth is that the old system was far more open to exploitation than the current one.

Sure, it still needs fixing, but the previous system was unacceptable for a game that aims to have a good competitive mode. Role queue is debatable for QP, but it was needed for competitive.

The problem is that people got used to it, and that’s why they react. If hero limits took 3 years to be implemented, be sure that you would have people claiming that it limits “creativity” and “freedom” too.

Who remembers no limits nowadays?


there are multiple differences between pre-222 qp and qp classic

I play QPC a lot mostly as target practice for aim intensive supports (lots of small, mobile heroes bouncing around to hit + more flanker pressure). I find, just as it was before RoleQ, most matches boil down to which team picks closest to 2-2-2. It’s wonderful being able to leave that mess and go back to guaranteed 2-2-2 at will.

Except the balance changes ,what are they please?

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The Devs seem to disagree and so do I with your statement.

QPC great role que is great. Dps que times in comp are slow. Thats my hadle on it.

You know that Triple DPS has only one tank right?
Let that sink in.

Also OW is very broad, QP has always been a jungle, and it is still a jungle.
In Competitive, most of the matches were 222 mate, otherwise they wouldnt implement it as a “forced” mode.

They are basically forcing the most used/balanced mode and eliminating the “rare” possible comps. The problem is that they also eliminate legit comps, like Triple DPS and the ability to switch roles with another player in game, which is basically solving 1 “problem” and creating 2 downsides.

In fact the Devs seem to agree with my statement pal, unless you are reading something else.
They tested 4-1-1 because it was the most rare outlier in competitive but very used in Quick Play.

Let me remind you all one thing:
When we complain about role queue, 99% of us DO NOT care about Quick Play (QPC exists), we are talking about Competitive Mode.


I can count, yes.

Jeff Kaplan himself explicitly stated that the majority of games had 1 tank. He stated that 3/2/1 compositions felt like earlier renditions of the game because that’s how most matches were played. Re-read his post.

Whether or not it is 4 DPS or 3 DPS is moot IMO. 2/2/2 was the rare composition according to him, and I am more inclined to believe the guy with the numbers than some randos on the forum.


I queued for QPC once several weeks ago. It was instantly 5 dps locked in. It’s classic for a reason. I just left before it even started and went back to QP.

Dont need to read the post buddy, I am the one that is contemplating the full extent of it. Let me remind you that you brought it up to support a stance that claims 4-5 DPS were the most common and that is not proven so yeah, debunked.

First : That +1 DPS means a lot, in fact, it makes all the difference. Just like people claim 222 is great but triple DPS would be a disaster because of that extra DPS. Again, following a basic train of logic :man_shrugging:

Second: Never said 222 is the rare, in fact all logic points otherwise.
Like I posted before, they are implementing the most used version in competitive (because they want to end “chaos”) and that is 222.
Literally all logic points there dude, you are correlating and extrapolating the wrong conclussions with absolutely insufficient data.

Most teams I’ve gone up against in QPC ended up 2 2 2 or 1 3 2. They were all premades, probably trying for weekly wins.

I see WAY more gold, silver, and plat level portraits in QPC than in QP. Also the players seem more skilled and organized.

It’s funny because that’s what you should see in QP but instead it’s 2 people level 1 to 20 and then you can’t see the enemy team is a full premade so you get crushed.

So you insta-locked DPS, didn’t want to change, and have a problem with people being team players, in a team based game. Gotcha.

You are in fact the “other (who) kept locking what they wanted”. Irony.

Pre-QP/QPC isn’t/wasn’t the problem.

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Yep. 2-2-2 is good for the game. People who want it gone are seeing the past with rose-tinted glasses

As did everyone else.

As did everyone else.

It 100% was

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My problem with qpc is no one wins except for instalock DPS. In the rare event we did have two tanks or support someone was reluctantly flexing over to it. Then it’s right back to square one, people playing roles and hero’s they’d rather not, a constantly changing team comp during the match, throwers, leavers, the sole tank/heal switching to DPS once they saw no one else was flexing, all kinds of issues. And on top of it all it felt like the general teams mindset was less cooperative. With 3 or 4 dps they can run off and do their own thing and still have fun. But for 222 to really work well everyone has to buy in to the team and work together. Even DPS realize the games going to suck for them if they don’t help out the tanks/support.

Getting a quality game with no role que is a significantly bigger gamble than with 222.

i played 1 game and it was crap, so its all crap

same could be said about any other mode

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No, I brought it up to support the claim that 1 tank was used in most games. If you won’t even bother reading the post, then I guess this conversation ends here. I don’t see the point in reading/discoursing with you if you can’t even look at what Jeff Kaplan said. That’s intellectually dishonest af.

Your word is opinion and just that, and again I am more inclined to believe Jeff Kaplan over some rando.

I am the one that said 2/2/2 was rare, because that correlates with what Jeff Kaplan said about 1/3/2 compositions

He literally states that the majority of games were with one tank.

Don’t talk about logic with me if you can’t even bother to read a dev post man.

You have the arrogance to not view the source of a claim while also saying you debunked it?

It’s rare that we get to see such short-sighted arrogance. Drink it in, everyone.

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Took a temperature reading outside for the first time since last year. Ah yep, still -5 guess it must always be cold.

Make a few nights of actual QPC and you’ll see lots of great games where people flex, or not, and still frag out and enjoy the freedom of what Overwatch was meant to be.

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uses one game for validation


Dude … going full hardcore disingenuous its not going to help you.
Again READ:
MOST of the matches in OW history since launch up until the release of role queue, were actually played with one tank

You know that includes an average of ALL ranks and ALL modes right?
And Quick Play is the MOST played mode right?

Sorry mate but you clearly dont know how stats and pools are made and you are reading too much into it and drawing conclussions of insufficient data. It is what it is. :man_shrugging:

Most of the games of OW history. We (the ones that complain about the forced 222) are talking about COMPETITIVE MODE.

Quite rich trying to high road here when :
1 - You dont fully understand how general that sentence was
2 - You draw conclussions from insufficient data.
3 - You dont even bother to read the full comment you are quoting and understand it.

Again, for those who still dont get it. Lets put it in bold (again):
When we complain about role queue, 99% of us DO NOT care about Quick Play (QPC exists), we are talking about Competitive Mode.

You are way out of your depth. Bye.

Bonus rebuttal:

Congratulations on exposing yourself mate.
Not only you dont understand the quote, but you go full Ad hominem with nothing to add but insults. Thats against the COC by the way, enjoy the ride! :rofl: