Tried QPC for the first time since 2-2-2

I can’t speak for everyone, but I have no problem with 2-2-2 as a composition; I have a problem with role lock. If the team ends up with 2 of each “role,” that’s fine/good. I just dislike being forcibly locked into it by game rules without even having the option to swap.


And yet I still see way too many 2-2-2 setups in QPC to believe that. Hell, I even change to make it a variation of 1-2-3 becaue I play QPC to get away from that 2-2-2 stuff.

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You can still play the game and have fun if thats your definition of it. That’s why QPC is there.

But if you want to play the way OW was meant to be played, as a team game in a competitive environment, you play competitive.

Does that mean every game you get in comp will be that way? No. Toxic players, throwers, and leavers exist, but that’s not the games fault.

I’ve played QPC 3 separate times, and I don’t spend more than an hour there. It’s just not fun for me to solo tank or solo heal.


You’ve never actually explained why.


Oh look , another story about a dead meme, still trying to pass the whole “all my matches were 4-5 DPS” as it was true and not absolutely false.
Even in QPC there is A LOT of triple DPS and then 222 and then for the last push sometimes end up with 3 supports and 3 DPS.

Weird huh? well … It happens because you CAN switch roles, unlike in any other mode because … thats how the game is supposed to be.

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that would mean the ops point is incorrect then? and that 222 did not save the game?

and that my sentiment Is still correct

Obviously when you make up an extreme case scenario that isn’t true it helps support your point.

I never said that all my matches were 4+ dps, I never even mentioned the frequency of those matches. However, what I will say is that those types of matches happened too often for it to affect the enjoyment of the game.

You can start off with a decent team comp and have multipile people tilt and swap to dps as well. Switching hero is part of the game, however nonsensical switching is not a part of it.


i’m sorry i fail to understand this problem since i haven’t swapped since season 3

Mostly because extreme case scenarios dont happen almost ever … hence why they are rare. But “magically” you brought only this case for a reason and we all know what it is.

Of course you never said it, but I cant help to perceive an amazing lack of perspective and one sided “point” you brought to the table and thats because the implication was that: “Hey this is what happened all the time
Hence why you end with a “Thats why 2-2-2 is good:rofl:

Also its quite dishonest to bring a QPC example of one single match with 4-5 DPS, when its literally the ONLY MODE that would allow that (outside FFA and Mystery Heroes).

Cmon man …

Bonus rebuttal:

This is going to blow your mind mate but … if you truly want to throw a match, restricting roles is not going to prevent it. Like not at all.
So when people tilt in 222 and swap to torb or literally go full feed as tank, or full dps and 0 heal as support guess what happens, the match is lost anyway.

Switching roles is NOT nonsensical. All switchings have reasons behind it, sometimes it will be good, sometimes it will be because someone is tilted. That is another meme destroyed for you :
“Well … switching roles was nonsensical/throwing anyway so … good riddance”.


To counter you, I have had 2/2/2 games where the Tanks have picked Hog/Ball and the Supports have picked Brig/Lucio and nobody tanked or healed, except the Brig on accident. This has happened multiple times. So, by your logic, 2/2/2 was an awful addition to the game and should be reverted since I had bad experiences with it more than you have with QPC, right?


My case is that it happened often enough for it to be annoying.

Again, your argument is built on your perception that everyone who are pro 2-2-2 say that 4+ dps was every game.

Sure, I didn’t play more than 1 game, but I didn’t want to play more than 1 game because the possibility of more games like it. That’s the point.
No on has made any actual testing by playing 100 games or more and writting down what kind of comps were played.

Tilting and throwing are two very different things, people switching what they think can carry because they blame others for not doing their job right and picking torb for the lulz is not the same at all.

Switching roles is nonsensical if the reason is very bad. Like, I want to play something else for no other reason than just that, doesn’t matter how it affects the rest of my team. That is still a reason but a garbage one.


Anyone complaining about RQ is being told to go play QPC if they want to DPS, resulting in (perhaps) a disproportionate number of DPS players playing QPC…so now we’re going to use QPC to justify 2/2/2?

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Pretty much the only other game mode I play besides mh…and it’s still usually 222 or 132 for me…and the occasional games where it isn’t it doesn’t last long…usually people see that it won’t work and switch things up or leave…

It’s never as bad as people make it

The bigger question is how many people like myself who would be perfectly fine tanking or healing aren’t queuing up for regular QP?


…which is kinda strange since there are multiple differences between pre222 qp and qp classic, and no pre222 competitive at all

…and also because many of those who dislike 222 arent dps (like me, a support main)

Selective memory happens. It truly wasnt but “feelings” make your brain give a lot of importance to those matches. It is what it is :man_shrugging:

No not really, but denying that a HUGE portion of those supporters do say that would be denying reality mate. We can see it in dozens of threads here. Again, it is what it is.

So admitting bias, cool.

Then again that leads nowhere.
Theres people that uses knives to stab people, should we erase knives from the face of the earth? Same thing.

If you hate drinking alcohol and being around party/tipsy people, dont go to a Pub. Can you imagine someone specifically going to a pub and complaining about those things? its exactly what you are doing :rofl:

If i correctly read your post,you’re the reason why they had to force 2-2-2.
You locked what you wanted,could have switched but didn’t and was the main origin of that trash chaos you described…
To finish,you left because you didn’t assume what you created.
You’re one of the rare ones who trully deserve their queue time.
Btw,i play main tank and really enjoy solo tanking.

I feel that the only reason for this thread was to get validation from 2-2-2 supporters.


Yes, but not for the reason you came to.

I used to be the one who’d switch to support or tank for the team, when I actually wanted to play something else. I like being able to go into a game knowing what role I’ll play without having to think about if I should play something else after getting in to one.

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As someone who mains support but enjoys flexing, I love QPC.
Yes, Most game end up being a DPS fest, big surprise…
BUT not all games turn out to be this.
I miss this style of OW and almost solely play QPC nowadays.
Occasionally, I adopt the “If you can’t beat’um, join um” mentality and we’ve wiped with 6 dps before :joy:

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Just want to point out that even Jeff admitted that ‘1 Tank’ compositions happened the majority of the time…

He explicitly says that most of the time, people wouldn’t pick more than 1 tank in games. It wasn’t “rare” or they wouldn’t have thought implementing 2/2/2 was worth the effort and money. 1/4/1, 1/3/2 comps were the majority according to the guy with the numbers (outside of OWL play, which Jeff in the entirety of the post I quoted mentioned.)

Just thought I’d mention it in this thread discussing why 2/2/2 was implemented. OP, feel free to quote this bit in your topic to provide proof from Papa Jeff.