Tried QPC for the first time since 2-2-2

5 DPS and 1 support. The only support didn’t want to babysit 5 people and left, then 1 tank joined and we had 5 dps and 1 tank. I got borred and left the game because it wasn’t fun despite playing DPS.

I could have gone tank or support, but that’s the problem. The old system relied on people who’d take one for the team while others kept locking what they wanted. Chaotic OW with 4+ DPS is not OW, it’s trash.

And that’s why 2-2-2 is good. I admit that the queue times are ridiculous but it’s important for tanks and supports to enjoy playing their role as well.


Sounds like someone just having a bad day.
Support or not, there are things called, Disengage and random medpacks around the map. Heck some Tanks and DPS can solo heal.

Old system didnt rely on anything. Nobody had to do anything and that was the fun of it, you did what you wanted and simply…what the words. Play the “game” and have “Fun”

Now, go play Comp and enjoy the pleasure of what 2-2-2 brought you.


And I played last night, and had a mix of 2-2-2, 1-3-2, 4-1-1 and 5-1 (which I will admit was a wash game). I had a blast and in one game I was able to switch from a healer to Tracer to contest point in OT, clear it, and secure the win.

Which was a nice change from “Well, I can go Lucio and stall, but I’m not good at shooting with him or wall riding with any sort of competency, so someone has to come help me”.


to OP:

For me, the experience of a single match does not tell the tale of a game mode

222 has been - for me - the very worst change ever made to the game, and the game has been far less fun for me ince it was added to the game


I’ve seen that happen in QPC a couple of times over the months, but it seems pretty rare. Then again, if you go into it planning to unconditionally one-trick DPS yourself, it would obviously be more common for you, since you’re directly contributing to the problem you’re complaining about.


I just had a match and had 3 support, 1 tank, and 2 dps.

Anecdotal evidence isn’t proof of a fact.

I disagree 2-2-2 is good. And as a Support main, I prefer QPC.


Exactly, so the only way to make sure that it doesn’t happen is to be the one who plays for the team and that’s why the old system is awful. Because there are always going to be people who are willing to be teamplayers for those who don’t want to benefit from.

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the community has been split, so no actual tank and support players are there.

ofcourse its going to be mostly dps. they cant que for a normal game quickly.

“that’s why 222 is good” no. that’s why its bad. because now the only way to get a quick match is to play in an arcade mode, where the majority of the playerbase isn’t.


I’ve been thinking about 1+/1+/1+ mode, where at least 1 tank, dps and support have to be picked and the other 3 spots are free.
If 4 people pick just one role, like 4 dps, all dps heroes are grayed-out and the last two to pick have to take support and tank or trade with one of the dps.

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If it’s just about who’s faster at locking their hero then you could have just kept 2-2-2 without role Q.

When i played in classic few games it was usualy 2 2 2 or 2 1 3 usualy with roles. :man_shrugging:

If you are referring to qp classic as “there” - there are plenty of tank and/or support players in qp classic, myself included

so many, in fact, that I only see 4+ dps in perhaps 1 in 12 qp classic matches

I’ll add that I am a support main, and qp classic is my favorite game mode at this time

No 1-3-2 with 2-2-2.

ah well I stand corrected.

but ops point still holds no water then

actually i played a few games last week and we either had 2-2-2 or 1-3-2 which makes it so hilarious to you think about how much people hate 2-2-2 for various reasons

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Sometimes, sure. Usually there are 2 to 5 other people who are also “playing for the team” in QPC. My most common problem (if you can even call it a problem) in QPC has been never knowing what to pick, because everyone’s always waiting for everyone else to pick heroes so they can fill whatever is needed.

I’ve seen 4 dps pretty frequently, but it often works ok as a comp. unless I switch to tank because we have none. Doesn’t usually go so well then

The only thing this tells me is that you didn’t want to win. So you saw something you didn’t like and instead of trying to figure out a way to win with the cards dealt, you gave up both physically and mentally. It’s been months since 222 has been implemented and the only improvement I’ve seen in this game is that I’m playing paladins now.


This makes me want to run goats in this mode but I haven’t found enough people willing to do it yet. Ah well.


just checking - my assumption was correct?