Transfering Skins From platform to platform

First thing Hi :smile: hope you are getting fun in overwatch as i do. as the title of the topic says we should be able to transfer our cosmetics to a platform to another, little example: “I play on console for 1 year , and now i have a new PC, I Would like to buy overwatch on PC, but i do not wanna lose my skins, i agree for losing with my progress like levels statistics ec… but i bought some skins in the game, like sombra Deamon, or Pink Mercy and i would like to not lose them” This is the common reason for this post. they said they are working on it. could we have some news about it? this is the link of the old forum


I’d like this also. I’m hundreds of hours in on console and started a PC account recently. I want all my stuff back. Also, my forums avatar (this Fuel icon) isn’t the one I want to use, but it defaulted to this because it’s what’s set on my PC account, which doesn’t have the good ones unlocked like my console account. I hope it’s something that can be changed eventually.

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yes, it’s something the community want from a while

Something something it’s hard