Total Mayhem hasn't been playable for over a month

Despite being the community’s second favorite Arcade mode (source : a poll made by Jeff himself : Poll: What's your favorite Arcade Mode? ), Total Mayhem hasn’t been playable in the Arcade for over a month, not even in the daily rotation.

Now, what bothers me is the fact that Jeff mentioned not so long ago that he would straight up remove Total Mayhem if he could.

So… What if we reached that point ? What if this gamemode had effectively been removed forever solely because Jeff doesn’t like it ?

I feel the Arcade is slowly but surely becoming 50 Shades of Deathmatch, and I don’t like it. Actually creative gamemodes, like Mayhem, Low Gravity (these two being the only two Arcade modes to actually change the game’s mechanics instead of just the rules) or CTF are appearing sporadically while you can make sure there will always be Mystery Heroes and some variant of Deathmatch (sometime even two) in the Arcade.

Personally, Total Mayhem is my favorite gamemode, and in fact the only one I still fully enjoy. The day they remove it is the day I stop playing.

Maybe I’m just being overdramatic, and it will come back like tomorrow, but still. I’m annoyed at the Arcade getting a little less creative everyday.


Nerf sombra and doomfist in total mayhem, and ill play it again.

While I love the mode, Sombra has always kind of ruined the mode for me


It wouldn’t be as bad if we could use custom games to earn arcade loot boxes. Assuming each match is over 2 minutes long and has a clear objective with a cut off of 1 win per day so it can’t be farmed (quickly). Albeit, it’d probably kill Arcade… Which is fine.

They could kill Arcade and leave it for PvE/Comp modes only and constantly have a Classic Arcade Mode as a Comp Mode (Low Gravity, Mystery Hero, etc).

What confuses me is: why does it really matter whether Jeff likes a mode or not? The game is created for the players, not for Jeff. If it has been shown to be one of the favored modes, then…what’s hard about that? What is the skin off the team’s nose if they, god forbid, put Mayhem in the rotation for the customers to play?

Bands play their old songs they may think are “tired” because their fans love them. The ones who grumble and stomp over how much they dislike their “simpler” work are pretty much uniformly considered jerks.

Idk, it just seems kind of…petulant?All creators have work that isn’t their favorite, but who does it hurt to keep letting folks play what they want? Custom Modes aren’t populated enough for sustained alternatives and don’t earn lootboxes. It’s a cop-out response.

Also – why in the world is Mystery Heroes a permanent mode now?


Right. I get not loving the mode if it’s not your cup of tea, but clearly a large portion of the community loves it. It’s one of the main reasons I continue to play Overwatch, but the obvious disdain for that mode is really discouraging.


Just make the game in the workshop. You can make it even better than it was.

You don’t have to like it, that’s fine. But imo it’s way more fun than total mayhem ever was

Unfortunately, that’s basically how Jeff is. It was the same way back when he had some pull in WoW. If I had known back in early 2016 that Kaplan (and Goodman) were basically in charge of Overwatch, I would never have bought the damned thing. That’s what I get for not looking at who’s in charge of a Blizzard game. A mistake I will never make again.

Then again, to be completely honest, after Diablo 3, HoTS, Overwatch, and the past several WoW expansions, I think the chances of me actually buying or playing future Blizzard games might be somewhere between null and zero, anyway.

I don’t mind Mystery Heroes at all, but I’m confused as to why it has literally been in the arcade without being rotated out for…I’m not sure, over a month? No other game mode gets this treatment, so I’m just a little baffled.

A mode in arcade mean s you don’t have to struggle to fill both teams. The matchmaker lines groups up and starts a game.

Workshop requires people to see it available, join the lobby, wait for others, and then hope no one just jumps out.

For games like total mayhem, it’s too difficult to get a proper game compared to easy to join games like “bad widow hs only” that don’t need teams.

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People also edit the modes to “fix” things they don’t like. Son you end up with “Total Mayhem -No Sombra edition” then “TM - No Doomfist edition” then “TM - Miscanadian’s super hectic version” :slight_smile:

Before long the original game mode becomes lost in a sea of random trash spinoffs and fragments the player base even further.


Or one where one team gets no cd sleep dart and the other team does not.

(Still shut them down with my own dart lmao)


The lobby wait times for Mayhem tonight (Daily Arcade) are faster than most of my Quick Play lobbies I’ve done the past few nights. Just sayin’.

(That said, mmmmmmmm, sweet Mayhem!)


Mystery Heroes is the only true permanent mode in the arcade. It’s been in there every week for over 2 years.

The only other mode that comes close is FFA. But that rotates between Regular and Mystery, every week.

So, in reality, you only have three actual arcade slots. Two are Weekly and one is Daily.

And, it’s not enough, in my opinion. We need more slots in arcade, or at least better rotation. Having only 5 slots, with basically, two permanent arcade modes, only one Daily, and two Weekly just isnt good enough. It makes the arcade feel very stale and limited.

it can rot in hell owo

It’s here! At last!


thank you for this vintage bop

I totally feel your pain. Blizz just ices us out from it and it’s not fair.