Toronto Defiant vs. Washington Justice - FINAL

May Melee • Week 3


Toronto Defiant
Washinton Justice
LP: 2 (2-0 +3)
LP: 3 (3-0 +3)

Final Score


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So if Justice wins this with a 3-1 or better (highly likely), then they take the #1 West seed from Houston, right?

just confirming, the tokens work on youtube once you connect your blizz account to your youtube one?

Yep. That’s how I earn them.

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thank you! that saves so much time now lol

SFS are so arrogant, lmao.
I know it’s their brand but I’ve never seen an sfs member be humble in an interview :joy:


I mean, they earned it.

Fair, but also Nero seems like losing to Outlaws has proper tilted him

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I thought their brand was to

administer a controlled shock

if you get that reference, you earn a gold star

They should. Just make sure you’re connecting the right one, obviously.

Yes, if the Justice win 3-1 or better, they take the 1 West seed from Houston.

And there’s a big reason why my entire family hates San Fran with a passion.

On to the match at hand. This should hopefully be a great match. I think the Justice will win 3-2 and set up a bit of a tiebreaker nightmare for the Overwatch League in regards to who gets the 1 seed.


Hmm, actually, both teams would take that #1 spot no matter what now that I look at it.

I guess for Houston, no matter who wins, we lose.

EDIT: Oh wait, Toronto still has another game. Nevermind

Not necessarily. If Defiant wins this match but doesn’t overcome the +4 map differential standing between them and the Outlaws, then the Outlaws will clinch the 1 seed.

Translation: Outlaws fans need to be rooting HARD for the Defiant to win.

Nero almost signed with Houston in the off season, but then got sniped last minute by Shock.

He really really wants Shock to be better than Houston to prove to himself it was the right decision.

(still salty about not having Houston May Cry with Danteh + Nero)

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Tbf happy is pretty great so it looks like they’re fine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh yeah, we picked up KSF instead iirc. That’s still good too.

Yeah he’s been hit n miss, but his tracer on Gibraltar the other day was siiiick, and his Mei is solid most of the time.

Poor Lastro…


I have serval questions

Na1st just padding those Sombra stats with that last EMP.

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That gif is…disturbing…if only cos I’ve used one too many Spring Trap mods in Orcs Must Die! 2…and that gif looks like one of the countless orcs I’ve flinged into the air on the level code-named “Chasm”.