Todays devs response to powercreep is Heartbreaking

Not only they deny powercreep but they also consider Genji and Soldier as viable picks, as a Soldier main its Heartbreaking.

The game has no updates, nothing and the dev team is so disconnected from the game that the few patches we’re gonna get are gonna be terrible…

I feel lost, today I was about to connect and play as usual but I don’t want to anymore… I dont know what to do, Im waiting for project A to be out ASAP because I lost the last hope I had for this game…


It make me question how many hours they play their own game tbh…

Also why was win rate only used to determine genji and soldier’s rank? What happened to pickrate?


They are understaffed and focused on overwatch 2 small indie developer


I’m pretty sure there are some confusions in understanding the game between community and developers. They have other things to do, than focusing their full attention on the old game. Guess I have to wait and hope that OW 2 will not be just forgotten after 1 year of existing.


If Genji and Soldier are “viable” then Sym is also ViAbLe because of her win rate… Jesus, do they even play their own game?!


im waiting for proyect A to. blizz is terrible balancing this game.


Devs: ‘Valid excuse to nerf her!’


Actually, they are focusing in fix a basement, a.k.a their HQ…

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Soldier is a viable pick right now though.
The majority seems not to wanna run him or damage boost him or combo him with Baptiste though…


Because why on earth would you play Soldier, when Hanzo, Widowmaker, Doomfist, Ashe, McCree, and Tracer can all do what Soldier does but stronger and easier?


And this is exactly the copypasta logic that is resulting in soldier not being used very often.

Nano visor or amp visor still works better than infrasights. Heal can is still a useful tool for supplementing your team’s healing or helping supports stay alive. Rockets are still good burst.

McCree not easier than soldier imo because he has a very small margin for error. Poor positioning? Dead. Can’t hit shots? Dead. Miss Flashbang? Dead. Combat roll? Laughable unless you’re using a fth combo.


Mei and Reaper are still better tho. In almost all circumstances barring the ever less common pharah comp.


But playing soldier just for that isn’t the good, plus ampviser is countered by a wall

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Sure, but you could just instantly kill 76 before he finishes saying his ult line with Widow or Hanzo.

You don’t need two Qs to get one K, you can just get Ks with M1 clicks.


The Dev response is obviously “Get Good scrub”. If you’re not GM they don’t care.


I mean why would I pour so many resources into Soldier, when I could just damage boost an Ashe or Hanzo and instantly kill people with a normal mouse 1 click?

Hell after all his buffs Reaper is a better Soldier at this point too


i dont think he necessarily denied power creep…he called it a “valid and healthy” concern…he said he doesnt feel that whatever level of it we have has not really taken the game away from what it is at its core…plus if you look at the post he was responding to, THAT person actually declared that power creep doesnt exist

i doubt very much that he would outright say that power creep doesnt exist…


Tell that to grav dragons. Combo visor would be aiming for a multi kill just like any other ult combo…
Soldier can get plenty of kills with m1. 5 round burst is 200 against squishy targets if they’re all headshots.

High noon is also countered by walls. Your point? And I listed soldier’s most powerful feature to emphasize the point that he isn’t weak. I rarely see players busting out combos with soldier anymore.

There is something to be said for burst damage and dinks for sure, but the sustain damage from soldier with a blue beam is still not negligible. I’d also like to point out that Ashe has longer reload downtime than soldier, and is less suited to deal with barriers.

Hanzo is overtuned for sure, but I’m not saying Hanzo needs a nerf. I don’t want to experience throwing hanzos ever again.

Anyone with the mechanical skill to get 5 (or more) consecutive headshots with 76 is much better off playing Widow, Ashe, or McCree.

You’re looking at this in absolute terms of lethality, like, yeah, 76 does work but there are five other heroes that do his job way more consistently and better.


Got to say OW team are clowns. They deny smurf and now powercreep. I wonder what else they are going to deny.