Todays devs response to powercreep is Heartbreaking

I don’t think looking at this from a pure lethality standpoint is the best way to approach or examine soldier though, because he can sprint to return to fights faster than other heroes and quickly reposition as necessary. Granted, he’s probably not going to beat Widowmaker or Hanzo to the high ground, but he’s definitely way faster than McCree or Ashe. Heal can is not to be ignored because it is one of the only sources of healing from the damage slot.

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To be fair they’ve appeared to be disconnected from their own game, and from the community, for quite some time. This recent dev post proves that without a doubt and it’s pretty disheartening.


I don’t have to outrun corpses. Widow may have “less” mobility than 76’s sprint speed, but she can literally erase him in one shot from across the map.

Why would I pick 76 when I could play Widow?


Seems like every time I go through the effort of getting good at a character they go and gut or fundamentally change every aspect of their kit. Cuz y’know, why would I want my efforts to be rewarded or pay off in any way? It’s not like I’ve sunk hour after hour after hour into figuring out how to do this, why would I give a crap if it’s suddenly all different e_e.

IDK man, I understand the need to patch and improve the game, but I feel like they’re meddling more than helping these days.

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I think the question is why would you force 76 against a widow?

Why would you force Reaper against a Pharah?

Why would you force Widow against a Genji?

Why would you force Genji against Moira monkey and Mei?

Why would you force DF against a sombra?

Why would you force wrecking ball against a Mei?

If the opposition is playing widow, play anti-widow. If you can play widow to greater effect than Soldier by all means do so, but I don’t think that means soldier should be automatically dismissed because he is viable in his own right.

He still remains my go-to Hitscan option alongside Ashe and Tracer because I suck the big one with McCree and somebody else has usually picked Widowmaker already lol.

There’s literally nothing that Soldier can do that Hanzo/Mccree/Ashe cannot provide better. Sprint and healing station cannot compete with the other character’s strengths and burst damage.


Same. Ever since that announcement came out. That game will be freaking good. I can feel it. RIOT interacts with its playerbase a lot, looking forward to that.

To be fair, every hero is viable in bronze where the devs probably play.


It’s no wonder when threads like THIS keep popping up and criticise their every word.

Constructive criticism is great, but all you’re doing is criticising.

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All games balanced with the “statistics” are completly trash to play. You just die in 0 second in this game, and still, power creep doesn’t exist. Of course, if everything is balanced with the 4ss also the telemetry gives you 4ss results. Play the game and balance it, or even better, hire someone with some criteria and let him balance this game.
Just take the Mercy rework on the PTR. Not even how it arrived on the live server, still embrarassing, on the PTR. Just the idea, someone was ok with that, it’s extraterrestrial stuff. No word to describe that. Imagine if they didn’t had the telemetry what was going to be.
Invincible Bastion? Orisa got buffed on PTR at launch instead of nerf? And nerfed her shield 3 whole year later? Symmetra without identity. Brigette. Basically every hero in this game?
It’s so balanced that the dev team thought it was cool to add an “INVINCIBLE Field” just to make you not die in 1 second.
When you think it can’t get worse than that, it get’s worse. The absolute bottom is OW 2.0, a joke.


You’re saying like they ALL agree that it’s not a thing, it’s ONE person saying that they don’t think it’s happening.

I think the core issue is that…

Soldier is not bad, snipers are just infinitely better in comparison


When that one person is a lead dev its a big red flag.


It could be.

So Josh did give an update recently to clarify what he said, and it does shed a little more light on the subject.

Genji’s stats are nearly identical to Mei’s in terms of pickrate and winrate. But one is viewed as a troll pick and the other is viewed as OP.

That’s what he was getting at, perception tends to be a lot stronger than reality.

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In the current version of the game Genji is dependent on what his teammates as well as the enemy team are playing just to be able to function. Mei has no such handicaps. Thus is the state of the game and the power creep situation.


That would imply Mei would be getting played more than Genji, or at least would be winning more.

That is objectively not the case it seems.


You mean people shrieking on the forums may actually be -wrong-?! Say it aint so.


If they anything say worthwhile, maybe. But if every single post they make brings up criticism, that should be telling them something. That doesn’t mean stop talking to us, because then there’s zero communication which is still even worse since it shows they don’t care.

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Widowmaker requires a lot of warm up and is definitely not a hero that is even remotely decent on most maps where she doesn’t have good sightlines.

Doomfist isn’t a hitscan and requires a different kind of approach and also can’t deny space or contribute to shield break.

Mccree requires pocketing.

Ashe actually has lower dps and ttk than soldier.

Tracer is a flanker, and doesn’t contribute to shield break nor can she deny space like soldier can.

Soldier is also more consistent than hanzo at longer distances where highground is available (case in point - numbani 1st point defense).