To the Overwatch Team, from a Level 5 Endorsement Player

While we’re on the topic, why do I get a screen about once a week on the main menu that congratulates me for hitting level 3 endorsement?

Does it just like to keep re-reminding me?


It’s letting you know you got some loot boxes for being good.


Would love to play with more level 5s and level 4s. Makes the game a whole lot more fun, win or lose!

I too got my level 5 endorsement quickly.

Hope to see you in game soon!

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Some serious corporate Kool-Aid in this thread…


Some negative Nancies over here. Congrats. I’ve probably only came across 7 lvl 5’s so far.

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Thank you for your kind words, and more importantly, thank you for being a positive player in the Overwatch community. Good luck and have fun! :+1:


Congrats! I managed lvl 4 pretty quick but twice now I have de-ranked upon logging in… I think possibly due to leaving too early. /sadface

Someday I will learn.

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ooh got a blue post on your thread.

And he only had to violate the COC to do so, thereby further encouraging more people to directly address Blizzard in their thread titles! Of course Tom could have prevented it by not replying.


Most beautiful lie of 2018.


His profile is public, you can see his endorsement level 5

I like the feature, but it kinda lacks when playing in a group of friends. Such is the way of endorsements though, I suppose.

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how do you know he’s a positive player and not just spam “endors meh ples” every game?


They don’t really seem like that kind of person… Also, supports and tanks really do get more endorsements than DPS for the most part.

Because they refuse to acknowledge that their highly flawed, useless system, is trash.


I meant that endorsements improved the game, increased communication and stopped toxicity. Because that is a blatant lie and joke.


You really have to stand out in the kill feed to get endorsed as a dps.

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You can use them on the opposite team too…

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Yeah… Which I think is pretty sad, honestly.

But of course, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get them yourself. I just dropped from 3 to 2 the other day because I play in six stacks a lot of the time, and endorsements aren’t common enough to support anything beyond 3 that way.

It’s fine how it is, not much to be done about it, it’s just lacking for people that play in groups is all.