Time out with blizzard services?

I’m trying to start my game and I click the blizzard battle.net icon and then hit play on overwatch but it just keeps saying there are a few hundred people players ahead of me then it’ll just pop up a message in red saying Time Out Communicating With Blizzard Services… wut?

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Apparently all the servers have crashed :confused:

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same as OP.

500, then 400, 200, 100, then when it should sign you in it gives the red lettered error about timing out.


weird. Do you know why?

Been trying to login for half an hour now :frowning:

Hang tight everyone, Blizzard is working on it.

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wow that’s a while. wonder what happened

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Never imagined the Blizzard ruels would be a “yes its our fault you lost rating…but F**k you still we wont do anything even if you had no possible way to expect the issue to happen”


nope i dont :frowning: just wanna play tbh

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Blizz just wants us to give them money, dont know what I can tell you. I wish we could get it back, but they wont do anything about it. Time to switch games again.

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