This video showcases how mercy is fun, and how wrong mercy mains are

Oh… :neutral_face: Then my argument is slightly better. :smiley:

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Spreading positivity and ice cream, one Mercy at a time.
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She made a comment on one of her videos months ago that she plays Mercy much less off stream and has played other heroes and really only plays her while recording (this was before the 50 HPS nerf). Buckle also said in one of her videos, “Sarah doesn’t like playing Mercy.” When asked on a Widow montage why she doesn’t play Widow in comp, she said she thinks she is too inconsistent and not good enough to play her in comp.


So one video shows… how the people that actually play Mercy are wrong in their thinking that Mercy is boring?

My point being, as I pointed out in my original post, that current Mercy’s playstyle revolves around more versatility with her kit, as opposed to an instant boom-or-bust ultimate of 1.0, and that is the main issue many players are having.

It’s a difference in playstyle.

As an Orisa/Lúcio main, I’m enjoying Mercy much more than I did prior to the rework as she fits my playstyle better now. But that is not the case for many other people.

I was trying to point out the main issue that Valk doesn’t solve, which I rarely see brought up, usually summed up as “not fun” followed by vague explanation.

Mercy isn’t just boom or bust she has no boom whatsoever, unlike EVERY OTHER HERO IN THIS GAME!!!

This video showcases how she’s not.

That’s wrong though, both the skill ceiling and skill floor have been dropped quite abit.

valk and rez on e don’t leave a lot of room for skill expression.

And here’s another popular example with lots of sub examples in the thread itself.


See. It’s a difference in playstyle.

I see Rez and Damage boosted burst as boom value, although it is sparse and minimal. But I don’t care about burst, I’d rather multitask and juggle, managing healing/boosting/rezing to get value.

The hero’s playstyle is changed, which some people (like myself) enjoy, but leaves many people isolated.

That’s the main issue with Valk.

The other 27 heroes in this game have a hell yeah moment that is all theirs. Mercy, I mean maybe if you’re a god tier battle Mercy but other then that no nothing she does is impact, boom I did that.

And if you’re right then a rework alienating people who were able to enjoy a heo when that hero was Underpowered? Should that not be grounds for a little concern? Apparently not in Blizzard’s world

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this is the most well written and logical post ive ever read on these forums

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I’m an Animetic fan, you are stepping on sacred ground using a top Mercy main against other Mercy mains. Even as Mercy got gutted with the nerfs, and other Mercy streamers like Eevea started playing some Ana, she continued playing Mercy despite getting pretty much deranked.

She used to be in the T500 prior to the numerous nerfs to Mercy, and now she’s struggling on the last day of the season in that video to stay in GM.

So bad form, OP, really bad form.


Exactly init

I mean again, someone will find this fun and someone will not. I’m not defending Mercy players, just saying that everyone has their own definition of fun.

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Her skill ceiling isn’t higher, but her skill floor is

This is like showing a video of a roller coaster and saying “see, roller coasters are fun”


Eh I dont agree. Just cause she looks fun doesn’t mean she is.

Also, her skill ceiling and floor have been lowered. Let’s not lie now.

Forty-Seven minutes?! (47) No. Keep your ‘crap’ brief. :robot:

Like most ultimates.

this is a meme of a thread.

I guess the video is more interesting to watch for some than actually have your team drop like flies while healing? I got anxiety just watching the first push and the enemy tracer just off two people easily while Mercy was healing or when Pharah was being pocketed a bit and she still died in ULT. Straight out of gate the Mercy team got butcher and finally got their groove at the end.

The Mercy in the video was able to deal with chip damage, anything really focus damage on their teamates, they died and bleed out majority of the time regardless of their high skill. They even mention they should have gone Lucio at one point. Their team barely recovered the first round and was a close one. I didn’t watch the rest of the videos. I’m impressed by their Mercy super jump. Fun is subjective. I personally don’t care for character that’s been water down to be constantly rework putting high effort for low impact or outright feeding an enemy team. Props to one tricks that can still can make it by.

So yes, this video can be encouraging…I doubt it alone will sway the majority to play her for more fun or fill in that role until her actual kit or reverts is address.

Last 6 months Mercy in support category comps:

Pick rate: 26.00%

Win rate: 50.11%

Last month Mercy in support category comps after another set of nerfs:

Pick rate: 14.44%

Win rate: 49.37%

People find Mercy heals are so bad, they been going more Battle Mercy for fun… so I guess there’s that.


You do realize she was low masters all season and made a huge climb in 1 day from grinding with a duo partner, she got gm, she doesnt maintain it