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I think the main takeaway from OP’s post is that software developers don’t have the faintest idea about how big companies work.
Which is okay, but before you spout an opinion make sure to inform yourself fully and thoroughly first.


Yup they did, and IT IS AWESOME.

Also the fact that their DLCs is like literally an expansion of the game, most DLCs usually reuse a map and characters but with different stories, but one of their DLCs is like…a new game, they created new characters AND a new map just for 1 DLC.


fairly certain this was proved to be fake. it wasnt profits if I recall it was revenue VERY different. also it was non dev roles. revenue != profits. for example lets say I have a company “Fake Co”. I normally make let say 750K in revenue but costs are 500k. thats 250k profit. Now lets says Fake Co hit a record revenue of 1 million but my costs also increased to lets say 900K that means I only made 100k and am now LESS profitable and need to cut costs in order to make a better profit next quarter.

also I dont work for game companies period due to how bad they are at steady employment regardless of company. it’s one of the worst industries to work in imo low pay and high turnover


The other difference is pride vs greed. America is a greedy country. Japan is so prideful though that they refuse to accept outside cultures or ideas.


Nintendo also does DLC well, mostly…
Amiibo are physical DLC and as long as they stop locking stuff behind amiibo they will be fine. They learned with Mario Odyssey because everything is un-lockable in-game.

I’m glad CD Project red is good like that. I’ve actually never played one of their games. Perhaps I should…


As any course on evolution will tell you. Survival of the fittest applies to nature, and is not true for human society. That’s how genocide starts.

With that said I will point out that a company that is not enticing to talented individuals is not FIT to compete with companies with talented workers who love working for the company.


This is what caused the great depression actually


Almost every major game company is the same. Blizzard/Activision isn’t the only ones who are like this.


Try your luck with Insomniac Games, Naughty Dog, or Nintendo.


Lower cost of living would balance out the lower salary to a degree but, not completely necessarily.


Got 'em


Ooh, is that so? I own a 3DS but I dont play much nintendo games.

You should, its pretty great, Im not sure what youre into but if you like magic, mythical creatures, hunting monsters, a good story, pretty and good characters( Im still crying because of one of their DLCs, Hearts of Stone) and fantasy environments, youd definitely love Witcher 3. Just be careful of your decisions though.


Culture smulture. Most people are greedy, and American corp culture is greedy af. Most JP companies don’t have as high a pay for CEO’s but leadership taking pay cuts is still a rarity, just as being a good person is a rarity. It doesn’t condone nor normalize what US companies do as being in any way right, if anything just goes to show how corrupt and self serving to those in power they are.


If you want to stay in a company you need to show them how invaluable you are, stay late very often, find and do extra work, these people that just do what there job is and worry about your coworkers you have a good chance of being laid off, you want to stay and work your way up, worry about yourself


Another great company that I would join in a heartbeat (if I had the programming chops) is Team Cherry.
They made Hollow Knight which is arguably one of the best indie titles i’ve ever played, they’ve released multiple free updates that add a lot to the game (with the last one they did adding in an entirely different path of end-game progression).
They’re now in the process of developing a sequel game which was originally going to be their first bit of paid DLC but they made so much for it they decided to go the full mile and make it an entirely new game which could potentially be bigger than the first game.
The kicker? The development team consists of only 3 guys.


CEOs dont take cuts because they can get away with it. Wouldn’t happen as much if it were illegal.

So eat the rich


Japanese companies work for less but have longer working hours and more pressure. Square Enix for example has employees who are borderline burnt out given how much is expected of them.


Oh yes because a class war always worked out for society in the past


Didn’t work out well for Marie Antoinette, but the French definitely were better off without her and the other people squeezing them dry.


I like the chucklefish studio/producer. Yacht Club games is also a great studio. I’m still getting updates about new content coming from their Kickstarter that I backed waaaaay back before Shovel Knight came out.