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I must admit I don’t know a whole lot about Chucklefish’s games outside of Shovel Knight.
I still need to finish that game.


Oh chucklefish isn’t responsible for shovel Knight, that was yacht club. Chucklefish produced/made games like Starbound, Stardew Valley, and most recently Wargroove.


…it did.
See also:
40 hour work week instead of 100


Nintendo is not a perfect company, the WiiU and the Nintendo Switch Online are the best examples of it, but when talking about game devolopment, yeah… Sorry CD Projekt Red and Rockstar, both you are great devs, but Nintendo… Nintendo is not a game devoloper, they are a legend…

The universe will burn, colapse and freeze before companies like EA and Activision-Blizzard do the same…

They are not wrong…


Ohh right, saying that I do know about Starbound but I never really liked the look of it because it looked too much like Terraria with much less progression and after a while it just seemed to vanish into obscurity.


I never cared for Terraria, but I agree, I got bored of Starbound because of the lack of progression it had.


It’s a trap a lot of failed companies fall into. They want to pay the execs to “get the best talent”, but they don’t seem to want the best talent to actually produce their product…

They think they can get away with it in ‘cool’ sectors like Environmental and Gaming, but it’s not actually sustainable, even for the largest companies.


This is generally an issue with lots of large businesses. It’s sad.


I’ll be the janitor living in a van down by the river.


Whichever Guinness World Records keeps track off.


I guess you haven’t heard the multiple report of abusive employee practice. Unpaid overtime. Ect…


I hope the rumors about it being released on Nintendo Switch are true…
Get a Nintendo switch if you can/want. It’s an awesome system that you can play on the bus, waiting rooms, etc.

You are right, they are not perfect and I’ll be the first to point out just how obtuse everything about Nintendo Switch online is.

That said, Tetris 99 is the only “battle royal” game I have ever liked…

I think it is sad that other companies won’t follow Nintendo’s example. They are showing they did the right thing. If they did massive layoffs when they were doing poorly I am confident that they would not be killing it right now.

Yeah, it’s a crazy concept. If people think their job is on the line they will look elsewhere and not do work as well.

Nintendo is a shining beacon in the darkness that is video game development. If they ever go under and stop making games I’ll basically stop being a gamer.

I used to think similarly of Blizzard, but, well, that’s obviously changed.


Ya and also gave rise to one of the worst ideology in histroy, Communism


Lol, they are as notorious as Rockstar for working everyone ridiculous hours.


I know that feeling OP, i applied several time for concept art jobs at Blizzard, i’m kind of glad they rejected me now


… Communism existed before the 40 hr work week …and overtime…and unemployment?


I work at a game studio, and you can bet these layoffs were a big topic around the water cooler. That, along with Telltale closing last year.

I’ve never been a fan of Kotick, and these layoffs were just icing on the cake. 800 people lose their jobs to please investors, in a year where the company makes record revenue. It makes me sick. And people hold up capitalism on a pedestal like it’s this wonderful thing and superior to anything else.


No class warfare in Russia created Communism


I think you and I have different takes on the reoevence of Russian vs American communism and the relevance of worker rights in either country


Objectively, the contributing factors to the ascendancy of socialism in the soon-to-be Soviet Union were numerous and complicated, and not something ascribed to reductionist rhetoric.