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I tried to tell you.


Go apply at CD Project Red. They haven’t sold their souls… yet.


Nintendo is the real deal. I have always seen them as the pinnacle of game development and I haven’t been disappointed.

Whenever Nintendo was doing poorly with the Wii U the CEO took a 50% pay-cut and all the executives took a 30% pay-cut because they said it was their leadership that put them in that situation.

They also said people don’t make good games if they think their job is on the line.

I would consider it an honor to work for them, personally.


Did they report record profits or record revenue, those are very different.


I see many say something similiar about it, when that was? 20 years ago?


Well when you find that fantasy world you tell me ok, that is not how the real business world works, CEOs will never take a psy cut, worker’s get laid off, is it nice? No, the the real world is rately nice, you learn to survive or you get eaten plain a simple, survival of the fitest


That is a cultural difference between Western companies and Japanese companies


If you have any sources of other Japanese companies doing similar things please let me know


Nintendo is Japanese not a western company


… I know…

You said this is a cultural difference between Japan and the West, so I’m asking for another example of another Japanese company doing something like Nintendo did.

I’m not saying you’re wrong. I genuinely want to see another example


But, the comment before you shows that it’s NOT a fantasy world. Unless you think Nintendo is pure fantasy?


I think CD Projekt Red would be another good company to apply for.

If Im not mistaken, they even said that they would delay slightly Cyberpunk 2020 just to make it better.

What wonders a company who actually do care for their game and not profit can actually do.


They wouldn’t have hired you anyway. This is like when I say I won’t date a super model because she endorsed a candidate I don’t like.


CD Project Red is based in Poland and has lower salaries.

(They also have lower cost of living)


The pay and conditions aren’t all that great from what I’ve read. If you are a software developer I recommend you avoid games.


I’m not sure how Blizzard is going to recover from this.


Probably. I’m not as familiar with them, but I have no issues with them personally. It’s good that they are willing to delay the game.

They made “The Witcher” right? Probably a good studio


The Survival of the fitest style of business is what made the US an ecinomic super power, it works


Lower salaries and lower cost of living.

I know having a lower salary is bad, but would it be that bad if the cost of living was low?

Also, Im not familiar with Poland, so I dont really know the other benefits working there like health benefits or etc.


Why should anybody care if you want to work there or not?