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I just got booted from the game. Middle of a Comp game, just hard disconnect. My internet is fine, I tested my connection, and everything else is working. But just got booted from a comp game.

I rejoined, but still got the penalty and the 15 minute ban. Kinda sucks, was this on Blizzard’s end, and furthermore, did this happen to anyone else?

In most cases, more or less something probably between you and the game server like your ISP or one of the network hubs crashing. If this was a one time issue, best to just play a few games of quick play (to make sure no continuing problem is happening) and then retry Competitive. If you are disconnecting frequently it needs to be figured out where it is happening (the best way to do this is through the use of a WinMTR test). If you need more help including reviewing the results of a WinMTR test, please post in the technical support forums where Blizzard Support Agents and Forum MVPs like myself can lend a hand.

If you take too much time from the time you left the game and when you rejoined, you will still be penalized regardless of the match outcome. You can learn about this policy here:


Aight, thanks. Disconnects like this have very rarely happened to me and I’m currently playing QP and it’s going great.