This Battle Pass is..... well

It’s quite frankly insulting. In other games, if I didn’t want to pay for a battle pass, I would at least get SOME decent free rewards. The fact that even a stupid little flower player icon and some ugly name plates are locked behind premium is INSANE.

It alienates players who don’t want to pay for premium or grind for mediocre rewards, and it reinforces the idea that you need to buy the battle pass of the season to even remotely feel rewarded for putting hours into this game.

The lootboxes were fun, this is just insulting. At least open up a few more rewards for free players in the battlepass instead of MAYBE 2-3 ones that no one wants.


nonsense everyone knows the tier 70 forest ranger cass skin is top tier. probably the best in the game right there.


It’s pretty bad and I don’t understand the souvenirs? Why would I wanna use worse emotes lol


I like me some pineapple pizza ^^


See I truly don’t get this mentality at all. We are supposed to want to play the game because the GAMEPLAY is fun. Why do you need the incentive of some random Battle Pass spray or weapon charm to want to play the game?

I thought y’all didn’t want the game to be turned into a job?

But this just sounds like you want to get a bunch of stuff for free…you do realize how that isn’t a smart monetization model to make consistent revenue and fund new regular content updates…right?

I’m all for them lowering the prices of store cosmetics, I think $20 for a skin is too steep, but our $10 battle pass is pretty dang good value for the cost compared to other games quality of cosmetics in it like in Apex.

And you can get every other battle pass for free by doing the weekly challenges


They really need to let us use them as victory poses!


Actually, it kind of is.

Giving people a taste of the cosmetics for free generally encourages them to buy the nicer ones. Locking people out of them entirely usually leads to less sales.

This is why LOL switched from having strictly pay-to-get cosmetics, and then instead moved to a crafting system where you could earn random ones just from playing. It’s why you’ll see a lot of games let you grind out cosmetics–free players start engaging with the system, realizing they like the system, and buying things from it.

If you don’t have at least some samples of the items, you don’t get free players engaging and your sales tend to decrease.

(I don’t really care that Blizzard’s BP sucks because, like you said, I do play for the gameplay and nothing else. Still salty about heroes in the BP, but w/e. I mostly wanted to comment that “free sampling” type systems are actually a good way to increase revenue, most studies have found.)


people want the game to give a rewarding sense of progression but this battlepass just doesn’t provide enough for how much effort you have to go through to unlock it all


Overwatch’s loot boxes were the least egregious ones, in my opinion. You always got something from them, never a risk of getting nothing, all cosmetics, in game currency in exchange for any duplicates, and you could get them for free just by playing the game.

Now that’s been replaced by a blatant cash-grab.

I hope everyone that complained about the loot boxes is happy with the utterly rubbish replacement system we have now! Hope you weren’t expecting to keep on being able to collect everything in the game or even getting heroes for free any more!

No wonder Jeff left.

If Blizzard went the Halo route and made it so that battle passes don’t expire and you can choose which one you want to level then that would at least take the sting out of the big slap across the face Blizzard just gave all of its loyal players.

Also, has anyone else noticed that, while most skin-related sprays on this battle pass have an accompanying skin (like Ranger McCree) there’s a couple of sprays on the pass that don’t have accompanying skins - Cyber Phoenix for Kiriko and Crime Boss for Junkrat.

I remember seeing a tease for the Junkrat skin so it’s probably on Season 2’s battle pass. Seems like they ran out of “content” for the Season 1 battle pass and had to poach a few things from future passes to pad out the levels.


Sandstorm skin is better.

Now that song is in my head.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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? I literally am over halfway done with it and I’ve only played about a week. Like several games a day at most, I’ve been busy with college mid terms. And we have 7 weeks left to finish it…

I think a legendary Dva, Kiriko, Sojourn, Pharah, and Mercy skin, Mythic Genji skin, and multitude of sprays, weapon charms, emotes, voice lines, and victory poses for 10$ is a pretty good deal for how fast the pass has been leveling up

Not everyone was able to play at launch. I wasn’t able to play for the first 2½ days at all because of Blizzard’s bungling of the launch, and was only able to play for about 10 or so hours on the first weekend post-launch thanks to Blizzard’s continued screwing up.

So that’s around 4½ days worth of battle pass XP that I’ve missed out on which Blizzard hasn’t even bothered to offer up as an apology for how badly they messed up.


…and? I just said I’m over halfway done in one week of semi-consistent playing. The season has 7 weeks left.

You’re acting like it’s gonna be a struggle to finish it…

Also Blizz is giving everyone a free legendary skin, weapon charm, and THREE double exp weekends to make up for the bad launch.

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Forest ranger? I thought it was car air freshener cosplay. Was about to drop 150£ to boost the pass. Thankfully you saved me.


They literally are going to do 3 double xp weekends to compensate people who couldnt play due to technical issues???


The battlepass is like the best priced thing out of everything. 25 dollars for a skin bundle like detective Sojourn is too damn much though.

I do miss ow1 lootboxes and ow1 currency.

60 currency per week is a very poor rate to buy anything in the store with all these fomo skins that cost an arm and a leg.


You really think they weren’t planning on doing those double XP weekends anyway?!

The fact they’re trying to palm them off as part of their p1$$weak “compensation package” is a bigger joke than the launch of Overwatch 2 was.

Double XP weekends they were going to do anyway, a Reaper skin (when not everyone plays Reaper), and a reused asset slapped on one of the worst implementations of weapon charms I’ve seen to date (yeah, let’s stick the weapon charm in Genji’s hand!)

It’s insulting that Blizzard thinks this will adequately make up for the way they screwed up a game launch they had years to prepare for.


That is by design. Companies wants to fill the servers with people who spend money.

I tend to agree the battlepass is the best deal. It has at least a few skins I like in it. I do wish it had coins in it, or alternatively a level where you could get any single store skin for free. As it stands the BP quality is going to change drastically season to season depending on who they make good skins for.