They’re ruining Symmetra

Wonder if she’ll be a :star::star::star: or still a :star::star: considering how much there seems to manage with her new kit. Tele, flying turrets, shield ULT, new Zarya gun.

A bit off topic, but forgive me

3 turrets, you can launch to a wall, ceiling, or floor at any range that has 30 health and deals more damage. While also giving us teleporter as a non-ultimate that lets us move our entire team to flanking positions.

She’s totally ruined.

This is definitely an increase to her skill ceiling. I think she’ll still be somewhat easy to pick up, but there’s going to be a lot more potential for her now.

She’s limited to 3 turrets now though and while we don’t have numbers yet I doubt they’re going to have the utility of her old 6, even if they have full slow and decent damage 1 turret is a super easy target and that’s what it’s going to have to be if you want to set up a reasonable area of denial.

Actively gaining ammo from barriers and the additional damage makes her a far more potent barrier buster than she was before and I don’t think that’s really something Tanks need to deal with but whatever I guess…

I’m not sure I’d consider her TP zoning so much as flanking which is probably going to be its main use.

Lack of secondary spam (She can still spam but the projectile changed so different zoning I guess…) means she also can’t zone chokes nearly as well as she could and she can’t pressure Bastions in Pirate ship comps so we’ll see how that works.

I’m also sad to see shield gen go since it was a great ability.

I’m telling you. She is going to be a force to be reckoned with and I’m excited for it. My team has already started to come up with strategies that incorporate Symmetra into our line up. We are excited as everyone else should be. This is an amazing change and I feel like Symmetra players will warm up to it really quickly as soon as they realize how powerful Symmetras kit will be.

i’d say give them time.
This rework isn’t necessarily ruining her imo… but like most other reworks, they’re most likely just trying all the possibilities you can achieve before tuning them down.

i mean, Geoff did say this:

Well good for you Macster, Jelly is happy for you😁

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I was trying to be sarcastic. I thought stating the benefits they were talking about would have hinted at my sarcasm.

I don’t know if I should be excited for the rework or terrified :astonished: It’s going to be a very different Symmetra for sure though.

I am expecting them to keep the auto lock on weapon as it is the only high damage fully aim free weapon, even Winston requires some levels of aim, but auto-aim and around the corner are the most fun features of Symmetra.

If they keep the auto aim it’ll be more like moiras, and killing people around walls never really felt good IMO

I don’t want to dismiss this rework already, but this is exactly how i feel right now.

I have no clue why they did these exact changes. Except the sentry turret changes, i understand those.

Also, I already dislike changes to primary and alternate fire.

Just why?

I think the floating super shield wall ultimate sounds cool…5000 damage is a huge amount

There’s a huge difference, Mercy was never unviable in this game. The biggest reason for this is that there were only 2 main healers in this game and Ana can’t solo heal. Since Blizzard only factors pickrate they could literately butcher the character’s ult and her pickrate would still be fine. Her kit is just too consistent and the worse that could happen is an off healer meta. Moira has started replacing her in comp but in OWL she can’t replace her solely because Moira can’t Dive and isn’t useful against Dive. Mercy can Dive in with her team easily and can escape often when she gets dive. Moira only has a one time fade which in comp is enough because coordination is potato tier.

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You are not wrong, however that conversation ran its course when OP made it clear they thought the TP would still attach to the spawn room, when that is no longer the case. :slight_smile:

But even with the current Symm you don’t really put your turrets all over the place, so i don’t know if even with only 3 turrets at hand you can’t put up a reasonable area of denial… and we don’t even know how spammy it will be. Did Geoff mention anything about CD and delay?

i agree, “whatever” is the correct stance to take regarding the shield busting thing.
Current Symm can deal 155 worth of damage that bypasses shields with her M2 if pocketed by Mercy, effectively killing turrets and immobile/slow moving characters behind said shield, and doing it from a safe range too. Now she has lost that ability, and switched it for a close-medium range beam gun and an AoE that kinda helps for choke but not as useful as her old M2.
So i’m also kind of “whatever” at this particular change.

Yeah the reworked TP will improve her zoning because she can also flank easier now. Per to my knowledge, “Zoning” is to control certain areas of the map, and with her being able to put herself in particular spots around the map combined with the ranged deployable turrets, she has more zones to conquer.

Again, i’m kinda meh on the reworked M1 and M2… on one hand they now works great against certain things, but on the other hand they also rob her of other certain things… Such is rework, i guess.

SG being gone is both 50/50 good and bad imo.
Brigitte is gonna be a thing so i feel like it’s good that it’s gone, but i agree it’s such a powerful ability that can help your team on both defense and offense… Again, i’m taking another “whatever” stance on this as well.

Sym player here. the changes make her fit into defense more (tho i wanted her to stay support), but I really can’t deny it’s going to make her stronger, more viable.

it took them months before they managed to put rez in a manageable position. while it can be fixed people’s worries about it is very much understandable.

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You are not wrong, but that is based off of false information. The teleporter now has nothing to do with spawn. It isn’t really about getting back to the fight faster (though it could be used like that, though MUCH less effectively), its going to be more about offensive capabilities. Creating new flank/ult possibilities.

nothing is based on false information. the very idea that sym now has an ability to move her entire team 25m away with the possibility is something to be worried about. especially without knowing it’s CD, how long it lasts. etc. all we know is the range and hp.

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