These patch notes

thumbs down

only projectile get double damage.
melee and beam weapons do NOT get boosted

for rein, only his firestrike gets double
zarya only right click
brig gets nothing

Can you just accept that there are good patch notes.

Nice to see you nerfed a hero that was already never used for being generally bad. While you’re at it, you should buff the most used heroes to balance it out some. /s


Well thankfully they buffed the sum now.

I need more details sweetie.

Sym got buffed

Ty lords above.
Its not gonna fix her problem but at least we got something.

Yea, i agree with you
as a wrecking ball player i think he didnt need this at all.

Yeah… Baby steps at least, right?

Let’s be realistic.
Symmetera got played in OWL - which by Law of Balance required a Nerf.
Basically allowing her to be played in OWL was sacrilege to OW Team.

Its Genji in OWL or Riot.

Josh Noh,

Are there any talks about some adjustments to Match maker and competitive play? I think many of us really like the game here. But the game has turned into a bit of a chore, which has made the game frustrating for many. Thank you kindly for taking time out of your busy schedule, to post! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not a nerf. In any way.

Devs: Comes onto the forums to clarify what the balance changes did, a rare occurrence.

At least 30% of the posts here: Screaming in anger

But why don’t they speak here more often? :thinking:


So you are saying 20 less damage in Tier 3 against armor is not a nerf?


No you are right less damage is actually a buff.
Less damage obviously means you do more damage.

Can you talk to the Devs to report the change to FFA. Athena says defeat now unless you’re top one. I do t think that’s necessary for an arcade game. FFA was the last mode I can just enjoy myself without the Tryhard mentality and now that’s being taken away as well. I understand for the comp version but change back the regular one alone please.

This is subjective to your rank though. Reaper is trash in higher ranks because they know how to focus him, they have awareness, they have good positioning and they communicate.

These thing are all for the most part not aspects of lower ranked players gameplay. It sucks but you’ll probably need to find a group to play with because it will be difficult to get randoms to do any of these things.

So you are saying a second longer in tier 3 is not a buff?

Looking at these Patch notes, it really looks so good, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::ok_hand:can’t wait to see Baptiste hit Live with these updates, Next stage of OWL with these patch notes, will shake up strategies.

Yeah it’s really a shame, but it’s mostly coming from the sym players (at least in this thread)

Yeah forum sym players are the worst.
the ones I find in comp games are super chilled as a comparison