There's no 'good way' to reveal an LGBT character


Reveal it via a couple of lines in a comic/short story - “You’re shoving it down my throat!”

Reveal a non-stereotypical character to be LGBT - “It’s forced!” “He isn’t gay!” “It doesn’t fit his character!”

So even when they try and break the mold of what an LGBT can be, that they don’t have to ‘act gay’. Even when they go out of their way to add it in a natural way, by not just saying “OH BY THE WAY I’M GAY.” Even when they reveal it OUTSIDE of the game, it’s just not enough.

The fact is there are people out there that will never be happy how an LGBT character is revealed, it will ALWAYS be done wrongly, it will ALWAYS be supposed virtue signally, it will NEVER just be because, maybe, that character just happened to be LGBT all along.


Revealed in a little story, in a tiny little conversation just briefly…


Actually in my POV. Revealing a persons orientation should be in the characters bio stats. So that preconceived notions don’t have a chance to form. After so many years people assume XYZ.


They did a good job. People are just freaking out because they’re angry he is gay/bi. It was revealed in a conversation with a close friend who has always known this about him. I’ve always been a big fan of the Ana + Jack friendship, so this story hit multiple good points for me.


That was fine imo…and it was hinted at since the Christmas comic. Please…


People see this as forced because they made wrong impression of those heroes before.
Welp, we can blame only our lack of understanding how this world going to be, or lack of lore in general, pick one.


Soldier x reaper is as old as overwatch


I think it’s because so many people in the entertainment industry do a poor job at presenting LGBT people, Like Dumbledore for example, that it’s created this negative stigma towards the issue.


Introduce the character as LGBT. I mean that would also annoy a bunch of people, but at least it is clear from the start.


People just seem annoyed they couldn’t hate the gay character as soon as he was introduced and were ‘tricked’ into loving him.


You’re right in that area. It could also be because it’s been done on so many things. People get fed up with it.


It’s because people have internalized homophobia they don’t even realize.


Agreed 100% and it’s annoying, everything is “forced”

The only stereotype thing about 76 is the female best friend. That’s honestly why I thought it would be him.


The way you reveal an LGBT character is by treating what makes them a minority like how people treat the majority.


The only issue I take is that this seems to be an ongoing theme where much of lore progression involves showing a new persons sexual orientation. Regardless of that reveal (straight or otherwise). However, at the same time the few reveals we have had seem to be oriented toward non-straight. Which in of itself comes off as odd not because that orientation just the frequency in which it seems that these characters “swing” the other way.

On top of that, the most lazy piece of writing (IMO) is romantically based. It is predictable and can be thrown together to create an “emotional” base for a character without much effort.

Why not make more lore with DIFFERENT types of relationships? Why is it so frequently about the most overdone aspect of story telling?


Didn’t this story also reveal that Gabe got married?


You just hit the nail on the head


I really hope this is sarcasm


Yup, and it is lazy writing.


How? All im saying is that the way to reveal it is to not make a big deal out of it. Have it in a throwaway line, have it not matter.