The ultimate guide Discourage leaving

You actually fell for that one it’s not even close to being the Ultimate guide, it’s just moosh, a normal clearly not furry player giving out some ideas to discourage leaving and maybe “fix” when someone leaves

  • Leaving is a problem
    Leaves the team at a disadvantage, in games like tf2 is not that big of a deal because it’s big team sizes, in overwatch however, it’s very noticeable, and it will be even more on overwatch 2, specially if the tank player leaves (unless tanks keep being punch bags omegalul)

  • How to discourage it?
    I don’t think the player would ever need a perma ban (except for comp) because that’s way too ridiculous, here’s my idea

-For every mode (except comp)

1st leave does nothing
The player must complete 3 games to “clean” their name, meaning if they leave again it will count again as a 1st leave,

2nd leave will be a 5m suspension
3rs leave a 15m one
4th leave the xp penalty and 20m suspension
5th leave will add more matches with less xp penalty, 30m suspension and a “low priority queue”, low priority queue is… Well that, the player would wait longer, also priority passes can’t be used while on a low priority queue, and low priority queue can only be lowered while queueing for a game, meaning you can’t just close the game, take a break and come back with normal queues

We’ll also for reference call the 2nd leave lvl 2, 3rd leave lvl 3 and so on, the player must complete 3 matches to go down 1 penalty level until it’s name is fully cleared

If you have a bad internet you should not play often because of the penalties, it should discourage leaving while also not punishing the players who might need to leave to do something, since they don’t leave often

Also the 3 games to clear the name is adjustable, could be 1-5 or whatever you want, maybe vary between levels so the higher the “guilty” level the more games it takes to clear the name

-For competitive mode exclusively
I think the current suspension system is alright in terms of how the timers work, with eventual season and competitive ban if the leaving is too often, however I’d like to add and remove punishment

For the first leave I believe they should only lose 30SR rather than 50, since the first leave isn’t usually their fault
The second one should actually be 60 so it takes around 3 games rather than 2 to get the SR back (considering an average of 25 Sr per win)

The third one and onward should remove 100SR

To clear the name, same rules apply, of 3 (debatable) games finished

-The disadvantaged team
Despite all efforts to not make everyone leave, someone will leave, either by accident or on purpose, however, I think the disadvantage team shouldn’t suffer because of this

For all other modes, backfill is allowed, and I think it’s good as it is (backfilling at the defeat screen isn’t fun but this is about leaving not reworking backfill)

For competitive however, it’s just a free -25SR, here’s my idea

When someone leaves, a 1:30 (I think) timer appears, after the timer has passed, the player that left gets its -50SR penalty (currently) and the team can leave without a penalty, my idea is based on this

Increase the timer to 2 minutes, this gives the player a bit more time to go back, specially considering that most internet routers take about a minute to turn back on

After the 2 minutes have passed, the disadvantage team will lose 10% less SR, this will prevent the “leave because we’re gonna lose so we lose less SR” since it has to be 2m prior, and if this were to happen is only 10% less, meaning that if they were to lose 25 SR whey would end up losing 23, so it’s not worth asking and the one asked to leave won’t do it since he would lose 30-100SR by doing so, on top of harsher penalties, again not worth it

After 3m have passed, the team will lose -25% less SR

5m -40%

10m -60%

20m (if they manage this) will negate the SR loss

That last one is very niche but means that if the 5 players were actually holding up very well, they wouldn’t lose anything

  • Exclusive extra that should’ve been at the beginning

Yes this should’ve been at the beginning, anyway, to lower the low priority queue of quickplay and competitive exclusively, you must play the exact roles you played, meaning that you can’t leave as a DPS and then queue up as tank to lower your low priority queue, you’ll have to queue as DPS specifically

I think that’s it, have fun ;3


Moosh is the Iranian word for ‘mouse’. I always wondered if you picked up your call-sign from that.

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I actually didn’t, fun to know though
Moosh comes because I looked up the cows that look like mushroom in Minecraft, apparently they were named mooshroom cows rather than mushroom cows, then when picking nickname I thought about my recent discovery, MooshPaw hit and woalah, unique name (don’t steal :c)


Thank you for the explanation! And no worries, I have no intention of stealing it. =-)

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Also the timer should only begin when the player wants to queue for their next game, idk the current system in OW cause I haven’t played for ages but in some games you can just close the game and go take a break, come back later and your penalty is over.

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Well this was the idea but I’ll make it more splicit :3

I prefer backfill to penalties, personally. Penalties merely ensure that trolls and poor sports hold teams hostage all match (like in comp). I’d prefer they just leave.

All I know is this system annoyed the hell out of me when I left like 3 valorant games cause I just couldn’t be bothered, went to play a different game and realised my penalty timer hadn’t even started when I came back.

Having to have a game like OW or Valorant open, even in the menu is enough to make me lag in other games idk about anyone else.

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Well 2 games at the same time is costly, you’d probably have to go single player games or just do homework or something, but considering the penalty takes a while to trigger and it’s relatively easy to ware off, you shouldn’t worry by this

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In competitive, it needs to be a player rating that others are matched with that is specifically COMPETITIVE rating, and has nothing to do with the player for all other modes.

For any other mode. Just no. I’ve said this on an oddly made seemingly repeat thread here by another person… (is this a smurff?) just wondering… That Leaver penalties cause Mass Denial of Service attacks, in hopes of forcing another player to land a penalty and stack it.

This past month Behavior interactive Inc, which hosts dead by daylight. Hasn’t learned anything from this. That a malicious group of hackers have been hitting their servers and knocking random players off. Since their penalty for DC’ing is so harsh. People are taking advantage of this and randomly hitting open ports and connections to anyone whom is connecting to their servers. This means lots of random folks get hit, and start stacking ban penalties.

“it cant happen to me”.

Um, yes, yes it can, and does.

If you play over a public network. it happens. If you are on a closed network with 2 computers, and an Ethernet cable plugged into both, its a boring world.

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How about 3 leaves are a permaban. Comp dies, league dies, proper balance ensues (because no league), happiness all around.

Just make leavers enter a backfill only que or a leavers lobby until a game is completed

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Well that would be sad to happen but I think overwatch is safer from this than DBD is

Like I’ve never heard of anyone getting disconnected here, every now and then lag spikes due to ddos but no actual disconnects, and still the penalties take a while to fully apply and can be reworked

Considering the “guilt level” I put and how to lower it, I think only 3 is little and too soon

I deal in absolutes. No crime , if every sentence is death :grinning:.


Will you sentence me? ;C

I’ll bite

Blizzard was knocked out, several weeks back. They got DOS’d. They are no safer than ANYONE else on the world wide web. Someone always has a bigger fish in the ocean. Doesn’t matter if a person has a CRAY or a Laptop. Mass DOS attacks are from thousands of unsecure servers that were set up as a Targeted Time Event to go off at the same time.

Someone gets lazy and leaves a computer unlocked, someone thinks they need Wifi in their business for convenience, and next thing you know. 10,000 servers in an unmanaged Farm are all RAT’d and now flooding a network.

Attackers are plenty aware of how big their attack has to be in order to shut DOWN a network and render services inaccessible. Which is just why a person has to go in with the attitude of “It can always happen to me” vs the poor attitude of “it can never happen to me”. Which is what gets folks into trouble. Doesn’t matter if it is a U.S. server or a server farm sitting in Africa or Russia. It is connected to the web. It is always an impending threat, which network technicians have to deal with.

Until current network protocols change across the globe and new ways to handle traffic are created. DOS will be a thing. Which will probably take some engineering 20 more years to figure out :stuck_out_tongue: .

Most of the time now. A person with a server has to pay for a mitigation service and when flooding a network happens it can create havoc on a network for HOURS on end. Until they can move the traffic over to a mitigation server farm.

Anyone can scan a network for specific traffic destination types and most companies don’t bother protecting Video Game traffic. since it is recreational. So unless it is a matter of financial transactions. Most ISPs could care less about protecting some gamer from getting a Disconnection account ban.

The way I see it. Bans for Dc’ing over a petty thing such as a VIDEO GAME. Is not going to solve anything.

Sure, video game leavers aren’t always fun. But I would rather have the player leave the match vs them going out of their way to sabotage it Or exploit those harsh penalties. Because That it incentivizes DOS attacks.

Can’t have yer cake and eat it it too! yah know! :face_with_monocle:

Tell me something, how would you all feel about an active “low priority queue” similar to what League of Legends uses. In that system, if a player has been leaving games, they are forced to wait in queue for a set amount of time before the matchmaker begins to actively consider them for finding a match.


Or, better yet, address WHY people leave and fix that. Would be much easier to get Blizzard to make a couple of gameplay/matchmaking fixes than try to enforce that without losing players.

How much research has been placed into WHY people leave?
Does Blizzard have ANY responsibility to improve their game?

Here is a wide list of considerations:

  • Disconnected from the internet
  • Game crashed
  • Power outage
  • “Timmy! It’s time for dinner!”
  • You have been invited to a group! Press Y to accept.
  • Rage quits
  • Leaving to get away from a toxic player (not to be confused with Rage Quitting)
  • Queue Dodging other players
  • Queue Dodging maps

With maybe the exception of Queue Dodging and Rage Quitting, all of these reasons are legitimate reasons why players leave games (and happen more often than you think).

All developers, including Blizzard, do work to balance the impact of leavers in their games, but it has to be in consideration of the factors I just listed. If you make the penalties too strict, then it will discourage players from even playing the game at all. If you want to get a better understanding of what Blizzard’s philosophy is when it comes to handling leavers, then I would encourage you to look into my dev post archives.

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