⚙ The Third Bastion Megathread

What about if all replies were mega sized?


Yes, the most effective tactic available. He doesn’t need to be part of that. He just needs a useful job which he does effectively.

Possibly, but I’m hoping for one more attempt at fixing him as is before we make that jump.

This is the third Bastion megathread. I created this because we hit the post limit of 20,000 on the last one and it was locked. There is still a discussion to be had, and making megathread has done that better than hundreds of normal threads.

Ohhh, sorry about the misunderstanding :slight_smile:


Third? I haven’t seen a second or even a first. Don’t there need to be previous ones to have a sequel?

(Unrelated, but yay! My 1000th post!)

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Let’s be real:

Don’t nobody care about Bastion enough to get him thousands of posts like Mei’s multiple mega threads :joy:

Sorry but Beep Boop Bop ain’t cuttin it

Here you go.

bastion’s only utility is when he’s a sitting duck. this is problematic on its own

Hello again old friend.

Sadly this is technically like, the 5th or even 6th attempt at a new thread… nothing catches on.

People don’t seem to care, unless Bastion were physically unable to secure kills.

The hate towards the hero is nonsensical, and still as prevalent as ever.
People suggest things that would only make the hero unplayable, or even worse…
It seems like the only option is just to wait and hope for something to change, or for the devs to actually give him some power (In Sentry mostly) For once.

If i catch a team off guard, set up behind them, and actually start firing… i should secure at least one kill, if not more.

How it is now, almost every single hero has a “Delete Bastion” Button, somewhere in their kit.

I don’t know if you saw the suggestions i left in the thread i made at new years, but i’ll leave it here nonetheless.

[New year, new Bastion. 🤖]

(It’s dead now anyways, like the rest.)


Well, what is it about Bastion that allows him to stomp on Bronze/Silver players, that doesn’t help him much in Platinum/Diamond?

Could they nerf or remove that aspect, then replace it with something that’s more limited by skill?



If i’m being honest here?

He doesn’t stomp in bronze, silver, or any rank.
Ask them yourself.

He’s a joke even down there.

The idea that he “Stomps in loser ranks” Comes from brand new players, and way back during the release of the game.

I’ve watched many a “Couching Bronze players” videos, and studied the lower ranks somewhat…

If it’s stationary, it dies.
If it cannot kill before you can shoot, it dies.

And about the whole skill thing…
First we need to make him survive long enough in all ranks, a shield would fix that in many ways. Especially if it only regenerated while on the move.

And as for actually rewarding skill, headshots.

Bastion? I’d give him one change - give him a pseudo run (7 m/s?) while he’s in recon form so that he plays even more like Soldier.

Maybe a passive in recon instead of just in sentry/tank? Instead of damage reduction, armor piercing rounds, 25% chance to debuff or or something. So he gets value from positioning instead of a pocket.

The value he should get from positioning and repositioning should be health to a shield he can use to defend himself.

My wife one tricks bastion still :rofl:
It’s hard to deal with :rofl::rofl::rofl:


My condolences.

I wish her the best on her road to recovery.

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Eh… they removed the shield from alpha for a reason. All it did was make him a pocket, but maybe it’s time to give incentive to use recon.

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I think the best way to go about it would be to reduce his hus downsides than to improve his strengths.

They removed it from the beta because it had 1000 HP and the game was barely balanced since only so many people had played it to even test it… it’s needed again.

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Sentry mode is flawed because it does too much damage for him to be viable.

solution. replace sentry mode with his ultimate. but it does a lot less damage. and in normal mode give him a mini gun like his sentry form.

and for his ultimate let him shoot lasers idk.

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Wouldn’t this mean he was viable?
It deals very little damage in practice.

Otherwise he would be playable.

This is no longer Bastion.

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