The term "throwing" is losing the original meaning


You have me there. PvP is hard to get right, team based PvP is super hard to get right.

I can point you at companies which get single player, and how to do community engagement.

I can show you companies which are gods at complex systems, etc. but PvP?..

It is hard, and people are got great at it.

Oh wait, I know ONE game which had it super right.

“For honor” was good, the fights were EXTREMELY skill matchup, but they got the different classes and fighting styles really down. Which is a thing, the moment that classes get involved it is hard to balance.

If you are after larger scale fighting I think Amazons new MMO may also be good. I have high hopes there if MMO is your thing.

They sure as hell have the resources.


Throwing used to be placing Sym teleporters on cliffs, jumping off cliffs continuously, pressing W into enemies without doing anything else etc.
Nowadays it’s codeword for “I don’t like the hero you play” or “I find your performance with the hero you’re playing inadequate”.


so did they get different classes down packed, or are classes hard to balance

(btw balance is easy imo How to Perfectly Balance the Game )

I wouldn’t mind playing an individual soilder in a battle of 30,000 versus 30,000 lol

but what I really want…

Is Overwatch to take place on Arathi Basin 15v15 :star_struck:


In my opinion yes. The community doesn’t have a consensus though but there are plenty of players who report soft-throwing as gameplay sabotage and when there’s plenty of players who report the activity the player being reported enough will get actioned against and the action doesn’t get revoked because it’s clear that the player has engaged in a repetitive behavior that disrupts the other players


Different classes ARE hard to balance, in an MMO I wrote the matchmaker for, we used something called “the meta twister”

It looked at win rates, and each week it nerfed the highest win rate heroes, and buffed the lowest ones.

Everyone knew that is how it worked, and what the buffs / nerfs were going to be the next week.

People STILL complained, but, having a public, reasonably understandable way of it running stopped most of the complaining.

We DID have a balance issue that the people who were REALLY good at the sniper class were crazy good at every other class, but, people who were only ok at other classes were worse at the sniper one.

Which showed the sniper was under tuned, BUT people thought it was fair mostly, and that gets you a long way.

I should do a long chat around different balancing strategies for games because it IS super interesting, and really the overwatch balance team do a pretty good job considering the hero designs they go for.

I think that someone else will build a hero shooter which will eat overwatches lunch at some point, because the market is CRAZY ready for someone else to enter.


Yes, it is.

For a player to be reported for Gameplay Sabotage, they must intentionally be trying to disrupt and harass their teammates or actively trying to lose.


Not the in-game definition. Here’s a screenshot.

Besides, intent is unknowable. If intent is required then nothing is reportable.


Blizzard has clarified their stance here on the forums.

And no where does it say ignoring chat is throwing.

Blizzard said intent is required. If you cannot determin intent, then you cannot report.


I didn’t say ignoring chat was throwing? Maybe we misunderstood each other?



Nobody can determine intent. It’s impossible. So, I suppose Blizzard should just remove the report system. You can infer or presume someone’s intent but only that person ever knows their own mind.

When intent is required, all that means is that I believe that is your intent.


You are clearly misreading or misunderstanding what I said because even quoted that doesn’t come close to saying that turning off chat is reportable.


You said ignoring the teams protest means they’re throwing. I said there is no rules against ignoring chat, whether chat is on or off.


That’s not what I said. I said

If they are doing something incredibly dumb, repeatedly, even after the team protests, then I think that you can decide they are throwing.

Which is not the same as saying.

Ignoring the teams protest means they’re throwing


That is the same thing. Playing poorly is not reportable. Playing poorly and continuing to play poorly while ignoring chat is still not reportable, because there is no requirement to obey chat.


picks non meta hero

Teammates: “omg! This guy is throwing!”

When it should be:
Teammate just walks up to enemy team and waves and does nothing or sits and spawn emoting, etc.

Teammates: “report so in so for throwing”


No, it isn’t. I don’t mean to be rude, but is English your native language? Because those two sentences are not equivalent. In the first, the main problem is that they are doing something very wrong, not simply bad play but character misuse, such as not healing at any point during the match, and in the second sentence the offense would simply being chat is disabled. Those are not the same thing at all.


You are the one that added the qualifier of “ignoring your teams protest” to the middle of the sentence. Maybe english is not your first language, because in English, words written in the middle of the sentence becomes a part of the whole statement.

Even if you take out “ignoring your teams protest,” your claim becomes if they do something “dumb” then they are throwing. Blizzard clearly said playing poorly is not reportable.


I’m more annoyed with how misused c9 is. Hog ults people off point in overtime? “c9 ahahaha”



This is my worst pet peeve, the way people throw that word around so much.

I see it so much lately, someone is just doing poorly, or made a mistake or two, and everyone rushes and shouts “Our [hero] is throwing!!”

Like, we’re in gold, do you really think these players are gonna be godlike?

The way people think that playing poorly is throwing just blows my mind.