The term "throwing" is losing the original meaning

Anybody else notice how the definition of “throwing” has been shifting? I’ve been seeing on these forums and in-game people are not using the term correctly.

There is an actual definition for the word if you were to google it.

lose (a race or contest) intentionally, especially in return for a bribe.

Someone simply playing poorly or not making optimized choices is by definition not throwing so long as it isn’t done with the intention of losing. You have to be intentionally attempting to lose the match to be throwing the game. Even if you did everything wrong you still can’t be throwing as long as you play with the intent of winning.

Based on how people are using it I assume that the new definition of the term would look something like this:

knowingly decreasing one’s chances of success

If we were to begin defining the term like this then a whole lot of stuff is suddenly considered throwing. Anything from picking a non-meta character to listening to music while you play can be called a throw if the subject does so knowing that it could decrease their chances of success.

What do you guys think about this?
Which definition is a better way to use the word?


The proper definition is the way it should be used, imo. I’ve noticed this too, though. Refusing to switch? Rude, but not throwing. Trying to win with DPS Moira? Dumb, but not throwing.


How can anyone know what their intentions are?
If you are not using the character as it is expected, it is gameplay sabotage.


Thats why they literally tell you on the report screen before you hit confirm that throwing isn’t playing bad or making the wrong hero pick, it’s doing stuff like intentionally feeding or setting up tele near ledge


So mercy and ana that only shoot enemies and never heal are not throwing ?


Still get a swift report from me


This is one of the problems with the “official” definition. It’s impossible to certainly know what another person’s intentions are.

What might appear as an obvious attempt to fail could just be exceptionally bad play. There’s no way to prove otherwise without the spoken word of that person.

Well if enough ppl report them for the same, it is safe to assume it was deserved.


It’s safe to assume whatever they were doing was bothering people.

Might doesn’t always make right, though. I think the discussion of how we should be using the word is worth having.

Basically this tbh. If you play a healer it’s expected that you heal people. If you just do pure dps and not heal anyone then just know that my report button is ready :slight_smile:


I guess we can report every one in bronze then… They usually don’t play the characters as they are intended to be played.

Heck it starts in gold/plat but doesn’t stop there. :sweat_smile:

I mean I can play widow with 5% accuracy, but i’m actually trying to click heads…

I basically report those only if they actually say they aren’t trying.

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Again, there isn’t and never was a way to tell if someone is throwing for sure.I don’t know anyone who can read minds. It is all based on assumption.

If they are that bad, they wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference.
The only ppl reporting them could be bitter smurfs.

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Throwing yourself off the map. Feeding, being inactive etc is all reportable. We can’t know their intentions, there is a flaw with what youre stating. Someone throwing themselves off the map could say “i’m not throwing though” and with your logic it would not be reportable.

As long as the person tries, obviously, sabotage the game or throw by doing something that gives the team a less chance of winning; is in fact reportable.


Don’t forgot to add Torbs who sit in spawn hammering their turret all game to that list lol. (I know it’s inactivity as well btw. Just salty i had this happen to me in a couple games XD)

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I’m not trying to make the argument that one way of using the term is better than the other.

I think they’re both flawed in some way. I just want to see what people think about the way the word is changing. It’ll end up preventing a lot of misunderstanding in the future if we can agree and understand what is and isn’t throwing now.

Well for me, throwing is purposefully putting your team at a great disadvantage of winning.


Would you consider someone putting the team at a minor disadvantage throwing?

For example: One of your teammates spends a few extra seconds in spawn to type a message to someone on the enemy team. They’re playing a slow hero that takes longer to get to the objective. They take about 3-5 extra seconds to leave spawn every time.

Is this throwing?

Is it throwing if they were playing a very fast hero like tracer?

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No i wouldn’t label them as throwing. It’s minor; the enemy team might not notice.

Someone only feeding to the point of everyone noticing. Someone being inactivity you wonder “when did we get x hero/they’re not doing anything”

also the replay system actually can back up ones assumption.


It’s just business as usual, every word tends to lose it’s meaning or gets twisted eventually.

I think I’m starting to understand, but there are two more questions I’d like to ask.

Does it matter if the person throwing knows better?
(Is it not throwing if a new player makes sub-optimal decisions because they don’t know how to play?)

Assuming the answer to the previous question is “Yes”-

How do you assume that someone does or doesn’t know better?
(Would you use rank, hours, hero experience, or something else?)

you can’t tell a batter which bat to use and you can’t tell a pitcher which glove to use. there’s a lot of coaches here without a team